Ninja Box second trailer released

The second trailer of Ninja Box has been released by Bandai Namco, showcasing mostly animation and cutscenes other then actual gameplay. For those who haven’t seen the first trailer yet, you can find it below the new trailer. The game is slated for 2019 in Japan.

– Ninja Box is a completely new and original project from Bandai Namco Entertainment
– The theme is building
– Create your very own secret base – the only one in the world
– Build your own relaxation space
– Gather materials to make parts and traps
– You can even create gigantic forts
– Tonkachi: a ridiculous, always festive, show-off ninja from Tatemakuri Village
– He records and uploads videos from his smartphone, which is attached to his forehead
– While they are not popular, he is always only thinking about how to get more views
– The hammer that he carries is actually a high-tech item!?
– Hiroto: fifth grade boy with normal grades, normal reflexes – super normal everything
– His reactions are exceptionally large
– He meets Tonkachi and gets wrapped up in building a base

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