Nindies to Watch week 29 – 2019

This week seems to be quite heavy for the releases on the eShop as over 15 games will see their arrival on Nintendo’s platform. Bigger games like Redeemer from Sobaka Studio and off course Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 from Nintendo. Yet here are three other amazing indie games that are worth your golden coins.

Hyperlight Ultimate

Hyperlight is an high intensity arcade action game in which you control a spaceship that fights against hordes of evil alien monsters in a virtual cosmic environment. 

Your spaceship has a special capability: It can travel at a Faster-Than-Light speed becoming itself the final weapon! By colliding with enemies in this state the ship can instantly destroy everything it touches! 

In the game there are also plenty of other bonus, weapons and entities that can help you overcome the many difficulties you’ll be facing, including battles against terrific final bosses that await you on the dark side of the universe! This version is a definitive version, the game originally released as Hyperlight EX. on the 3DS back in 2015.

Mini Trains

Having been announced earlier this week, Mini trains is a tabletop style game that was first released for VR as ‘Trains VR’. Mini Trains transport you in a cozy playroom with the best railways tabletop ever, packed with 40 different layouts. You will be challenged to build tracks in situations that constantly get more puzzling. 

Use your logic, imagination and engineering skills to safely lead the trains to their final destination. And of course, you get to sit in the driver’s cab and blow the whistle!

Astro Bears

Having first been released as ‘Astro Bears Party’ and being a free update to owners of the first edition. Astro Bears is a hugely updated version of the original. Experience even more chaotic gameplay with infinite or finite Ribbons, Planets ranging from small to huge, and 8 Bears with different stats to experiment with!

Make allies (or enemies) in the new Competitive mode in which players battle 1-on-1 over five challenging rounds! Invite a friend to help you collect Jetfish in a 2-player Jetfish Hunting mode and beat the global highscore together! Destroy friendships in the classic Party mode, where “beary big” legends are born!

Found anything you would pick up this week? What is your most wanted game you look forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

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