Nindies to watch week 21 – 2019

With all the craze of the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct past us we are even more hyped to start building our own levels. We still have to wait one month for the next big Nintendo game, so let’s take the time to look at some of these fine indie games releasing on eShop this week.

Heroine Anthem Zero episode 1

Developer WindThunder Studio and publisher Winking Entertainment are bringing both episodes of the 2D side-scrolling ARPG Heroine Anthem to Switch. With a emotionally resonating soundtrack and beautiful visual art style, Heroine Anthem Zero is the first episode in an epic fantasy adventure game from WindThunder Studio. 

The story begins with the last Cataclysm, with the descendants of the Savior rebuilding the land around the World Tree Terasyr. Thousands of years later the Engora Dynasty grows into prosperity, with Fae and Human together resisting the encroaching advances of evil from the edges of the world, and deathly Longhorn Woods.

As fate brings Wanin the Forest Keeper and the wandering cat-girl Shama Kutami together, the entangling web of destinies unfolds. In a world unforgiven by God, their fight for survival unknowingly bears the weight and sins of thousands of generations hereafter.

Skelly Selest

Publisher Digerati and developer Caiysware are bringing Skelly Selest to consoles this week. This fast-paced slash ‘n’ dash and run ‘n’ gun action lets you take on procedurally-generated gauntlets of hellspawn and bosses, and – with precise fighting prowess – defeat the sinful horrors that lurk in the depths of Hell.

Gunlord X

German developer NGDEV is bringing an improved version of the original Gunlord (which originates from the Neo Geo and Dreamcast) to the Switch. This run ‘n’ gun throwback was originally planned for 3DS and Wii U but a failed Indiegogo campaign back in 2013 led to the cancellation of the project.

This game features 11 stages of exciting 2D game play with over 60 unique enemy types. Blast yourself through giant landscapes, explore caverns and reveal all secrets! The game received an intense “Hi-Bit” overhaul for modern game consoles in a widescreen format. Additionally new boss enemies and extended stages were added.

Other notable releases this week are Resident Evil Zero, 1 and 4, Team Sonic Racing, Wonder Boy returns Remix and the expansion to Dead Cells named Rise of the Giant.

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