Nindies to watch week 20 – 2019

E3 2019 is crawling closer and so we are getting our hopes up for the beginning of next month! But while we are counting down one of the biggest events of the year, we have some marvelous Nindies we can look forward to play this week!


Published by Nicalis, Redout was off the radar for many of us ever since it was announced back in 2017. Now the developer appeared out of nowhere last month saying the game is finally blasting off on May 14th!

Redout is a tribute to the old racing monsters such as F-Zero, WipeOut, Rollcage, and POD. It is designed to be an uncompromising, fast, tough and satisfying driving experience, soaked in that vertigo that stands at the core of the arcade racing genre.


Plants vs. Zombies is amazingly popular because of it’s wacky nature and easy controls, but some developers of said game have cooked up a brand new experience for us to enjoy. Octogeddon is launching on May 16th and features some fantastically weird gameplay.

You ARE Octogeddon, a massive mutant octopus with one mission: DESTROY the world! Grow more tentacles and evolve each of them into deadlier and deadlier weapons until you become the ultimate eight-legged killing machine!

Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder

Coming from pc, Rock of Ages is a tower defense, rock racing, art history game that puts yourself in the shoes(?) of a giant boulder trying to race down a path filled with tower defense structures and enemies, All levels are constructed based on important art periods in history.

Bigger & Boulder cranks up the surrealism and gameplay with chaotic 4P multiplayer, new time periods, and improved graphics, physics, and destructibility powered by UE4 to be, well… BIGGER AND BOULDER.

Other notable releases this week are the remastered Sniper Elite V2, The top down survival horror game Darkwood by Crunching Koala’s and the beautiful atmospheric underwater exploration game KORAL by Carlos Coronado.

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