Nindies to watch week 17 – 2019

As April progresses, so are the amazing amount of indie releases on the Switch and this month could possibly be the best month of indie releases this year. With Nintendo clearly not pushing anything massive out of their gates this month it’s a great way for some of the following games to shine brightest on the eShop.

Steamworld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

The game a lot of us have been waiting for is the next installment in the SteamWorld universe. From a platformer to a tower defense game, the developers have been quite diverse with using their characters in games. An RPG has been heavily asked for by fans in the past, and they have listened. With probably the most packed game yet, SteamWorld Quest looks to be striking gold once again.

SteamWorld Quest is the roleplaying card game you’ve been waiting for! Lead a party ofaspiring heroes through a beautifully hand-drawn world and intense battles using only yourwits and a handful of cards. Take on whatever threat comes your way by crafting your owndeck choosing from over 100 unique punch-cards!

What awaits you is a luscious treasure chest filled with gold, dragons, vivid worlds, magic,knights in shining armor as well as XP, turn-based battles and all that good RPG stuff! Thegame’s humorous mix of traditional fantasy and steampunk robots makes for anunforgettable experience with lots of laughs.

Cytus Alpha

Cytus is a very popular rhythm game for mobile, it let’s you tap, drag and hold notes to get high scores. Cytus Alpha is a revamped version developer by Rayark and is now arriving for Switch, featuring over 200 songs and a memorable music experience.


16-bit era games are very popular among the indie games, and Aggelos developed by Storybird Games was critically well received on Steam last year.

Step through time and discover a mesmerizing new action-RPG that looks like it was plucked straight out of the 16-bit era, but plays like a modern-day marvel! Inspired by non-linear Japanese retro adventures such as Wonder Boy In Monster World, Aggelos hurls players into the middle of a colossal struggle for survival as beings from another dimension threaten to invade the peaceful Kingdom of Lumen. Bursting with secrets and side-quests, and boasting slick melee combat that any 2D action game would envy, Aggelos is the perfect combination of retro style and modern-day game design.

Other notable games launching this week is the port of Deponia developed by Daedalic Entertainment as wel as Box Boy + Box Girl from Nintendo. It is also a quite busy week for third-parties as both Mortal Kombat 11 and Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen are launching for Nintendo Switch.

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