Night Call

A mysterious serial killer walks the streets of Paris today. The number of bodies is increasing and the police are not about to catch the culprit. You are a taxi driver and a survivor of a killer attack. You have seven nights to help find the killer, if not … These next quarters will be far from ordinary …

Night Call is a non-linear, narrative black investigation game. You play Houssine, an Algerian immigrant taxi driver living in Paris, you are lucky that people are generally very comfortable in your presence. They speak, they share their thoughts, their emotions, their stories … their secrets. You have a limited time each night to collect clues while earning money to pay your bills. Drive passengers to their destination, listen to their stories and choose your answers carefully – some are just ordinary people with a story to tell, while others may reveal a clue that is key to your investigation.

You have a map of the city and must select one of the many customers, a yellow arrow indicates your destination, in general you have conversations with the passengers which are entirely based on text, you select options of dialogs quite varied. You visit different places to deepen your investigation or refuel yourself – among others.

The game offers more than 70 original characters, surprising and realistic, you will share their lives for a few moments. Some may move, inspire or upset you. All of social classes, ethnicities, different sexualities, they all have their own story to tell and it is truly a charm to follow these stories. Visually, we feel that everything has been drawn by hand with love in black and white in the style of black art. The background music and ambient noise are also of excellent caliber.

This kind of game deserves to be played without knowing too much, we must let the player discover himself through conversations that go from human to scabrous and often give you to think and see certain things maybe differently. Visually incredibly stylish, this track deserves your attention. You collect clues in three separate cases. All in all a well crafted experience!

Night Call offers a great artistic looking noir style game that offers three murder cases and a ton of interesting characters to interrogate.

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