My Hero One’s Justice 2

In recent months, it seems like Bandai Namco wants to immerse us in a completely Japanese atmosphere with anime games that are released every few weeks. After DragonBallZ Kakarot and One Punch Man, it is now My Hero Academia’s turn to show what it has to stand out among the masses of fighters.

The My Hero One’s Justice series is already on its second outing. Overall, it seems remotely that this is about the same game released in 2018. Well, this is not entirely true – there are changes, and quite a few, although the target audience has remained exactly the same. Trust me, if you haven’t seen the anime or read the manga, not much will appeal to you here.

Fortunately, we are well acquainted with the anime, which is currently one of the most popular ones both in Japan and in the West. This is a witty, spectacular anime with a large number of interesting characters – in general, it is a shame not to make a fighting game based on the large cast that the series houses.

As they love this in Japan, My Hero One’s Justice 2 is an arena fighter, in which the participants in the fight are not limited to a two-dimensional field, but can move freely through a small arena while destroying everything that can be caught, therefore, the way of playing is almost identical to that of its predecessor. Nobody was surprised by the choice of studio Byking, who immediately followed up on their previous work and delivered a new set of heroes and extra’s.

As is often the case with similar anime games, the story of My Hero One’s Justice 2 is the same as that of the manga with the series. In a world where almost everyone is born with their own unique skill and where there are almost as many superheroes as “ordinary people”, everyone (well, at least the people of Japan) strives to be the prestigious heroic academy of UA High School to enter. The main character Izuku Midoria (or simply “Deku”) was one of the lucky ones – even though he was born the most ordinary person. How? He was helped in this by the most famous hero in the world – the legendary Almight.

This is a summary of the manga, and the plot of the game itself originates somewhere in the middle of the anime’s third season and ends in the middle of the fourth season, which is just now ongoing. Accordingly, many new faces that viewers have met in the fourth season will appear in My Hero One’s Justice 2. In addition to all the characters from the first part (including all DLCs), you can meet favorites like Mr. Compress and Twise. New students include Mirio Tagata, Nedira Hado and Tamaki Amaziki. In other words, there are many heroes and villains. The total in this title comes to 40 different characters that you will be happy to play with.

As often happens with such licensed video games, My Hero One’s Justice 2 pleasantly surprises with new ideas and remains painfully predictable. Some characters (such as Sir Night Eye) have complex skills that cannot be transferred in a playful way, but Byking succeeded – in the case of Night Eye, which can see all enemy movements within an hour in the future, the developers have added a kind of ‘shadow’ that deals all the opponent’s attacks. But not everyone was lucky: Mirio, for example, is not much different from Almight.

The gameplay itself is extremely simple and fun. The characters radiate excellent animation, responsiveness and agility and this creates a pleasant impression. It’s just fun to play which is very important for any fighting game. Even without a full-fledged story mode, there’s something to spend hours of play time on, even if you don’t have a partner for local battles.

My Hero One’s Justice 2 pays a lot of attention to the single-player modes. Here you can refresh your memory of the events of the past seasons of My Hero Academia, participate in the most memorable battles and view them from new angles. Moreover, you can play with both heroes and villains. There is also a “Mission mode”, which allows you to upgrade the selected heroes, and the more traditional “Arcade” mode, where the selected hero or villain fights a series of rivals and reaches the final boss.

Thanks to the built-in editor, you can create your own costumes, but unfortunately you cannot create your own heroes. Overall, I could have scolded My Hero One’s Justice 2 for something, but I don’t want to. Since this is a licensed game it can be much worse. The developers weren’t lazy and showed that they care about the IP. And the more you know about the many heroes of this beautiful manga, the more pleasant you will experience it.

As for the graphics, My Hero One’s Justice 2 shouldn’t be ashamed of anything. No, it may not be the most impressive game ever, but overall it’s not too bad: the designs match the canon and in action everything looks very nice. Despite the anime’s enormous popularity, the creators continued to be inspired by the manga with its accompanying style. In general, the fan service prevails here, but what else? We also played both handheld and docked and we saw no slowdown in the fighting and the game.

Actually, the game is very … Japanese, with constant screams of heroes after every hit. It will be annoying for someone who is not known to this world, so you will be warned. By the way, the spoken language is not translated – as all “real” anime fans usually prefer, so only English subtitles are available. It is unfortunate, but it is unlikely to hurt fans. However, we are the least satisfied with the constant loading screens; even moving in the main menu is very frustrating due to constant pausing. That the interface to the game happens very slowly is a real loss for an otherwise fluid game.

My Hero One’s Justice 2 is a good improvement over its predecessor, but will still mainly appeal to the fans of the anime.


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