Music Racer

Ah music, us humans can’t live without the sound of rhythmic tunes that inspire us, helps us relax and so on. You also see music come by in all forms of media and there are plenty of rhythm based games out therefor us to enjoy. Now there is also Music Racer, and you can already expect what this game is all about.

Music Racer is an arcade game that mixes elements of Guitar Hero with cars and a lot of neon. Originally only on PC and mobile devices, the game finally received a port for the consoles, bringing excellent electronic music to us all. The game features a normal mode where you have to navigate past obstacles to get the best mode, a Zen mode that has no obstacles, a hard mode where you have a game over the moment you hit anything and a Cinema mode that basically let’s you check out your cars.

Interestingly, despite being a rhythmic game, the great attraction and focus on Music Racer is in its looks. As mentioned above, the game bets on an absurd amount of neon, recalling the aesthetics of the 80’s, and successfully manages to shift through its various phases. A very interesting element is that the gameplay changes according to the stage.

Some levels make the track transparent, in others we have “notes” falling from the sky, in others we have 5 tracks instead of 3 and so on. This feature brings a very interesting variety to the gameplay, reducing the possibility of “getting bored” of the game.

The game is also full of references, especially with the vehicles. We have the famous DeLorean, the bike of Tron and even Santa’s sleigh. With a very low price, the game is a great choice for those who like the style. A sad small note is that we can’t easily get new tracks like in the original pc and mobile versions. But that is a small price to pay for an otherwise fun racing game.

Music Racer has some great gameplay that offers both intesne and relaxing gameplay for people who like racing games, music and neon colours, especially neon colours.


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