Mr Blaster Review

Games don’t have to be immensely complex with dense populated worlds to explore or a story that leaves you thinking at night. Gaming is about just having fun without having to explain much to a person why it is enjoyable and that is what Mr Blaster wants to be, a fun and easy to get into experience.

Mr Blaster is a small game inspired by classics like Worms and Angry Birds where you will shoot your opponent in the face, if possible. This fast and casual game takes place in a colorful cosmic environment, with incredibly fun ragdoll physics, easy mechanics and a simple touch! Join a space adventure and target your enemy, shoot accurately and dodge attacks – with random encounters like flying satellites or asteroids making things more interesting!

Solo mode is fun and fast, you fight against bots, it may seem easy, but beware, your opponents will become more and more troublesome to beat with your progress. In the multiplayer mode, you play with your friends in an on-screen fighting game divided into two parts. By conquering your opponent’s planets, you’ll unlock new platforms and flags.

With his ragdoll physics and colorful world, Mr Blaster may succeed in smuggling you with his light premise and his 20 avatars and 20 different planets to conquer. Nothing very serious, but very well done and everything works perfectly. This is not a game to die for, but for its price, I assure you that you will get your money worth in entertainment.

Mr Balster is an easy and fun space action game that is well worth it’s price. Just don’t expect to stay here for hours on end.


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