Moving Out

Team17, known for the infamous Worms and Overcooked games is back with a brand new party game. Unlike in Overcooked where you had to use teamwork to make the perfect dishes and bring them to their right place, this time you are in charge of moving furniture as fast and efficient as possible with(out?) breaking any necessary items or windows. This means we are in for one hectic treat!

In Moving Out we find ourselves in the picturesque town of Packmore, where people are jumping for skilled movers. Fortunately, the moving company Smooth Moves exists of which you will be a part. First of all you will be provided with a short tutorial in which all gameplay aspects are explained and you can choose from a number of avatars. The tutorial is short but sweet and before you know it you can call yourself an official F.A.R.T member. This stands for Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician, or … a mover. Roll up your sleeves, because there is a lot more to it than just dragging objects.

After you have chosen a colorful avatar it is time to play the real levels. This starts quite simply with a house that has only one floor, which does not cause you too many problems. As you progress through the game, your reputation will also increase and that will generate more and more demand for your help. Suddenly you receive a mysterious call from a mysterious customer who does not want to reveal his identity with the assignment to retrieve strange things from an abandoned warehouse. Asking questions is not part of being a mover, the boss says, so you just have to do what you’re told. We will not reveal much more of the story, but we can say that it is a funny and bizarre adventure.

Moving stuff sounds like something simple and it seems like it. Many objects are on the light side, for example, so you can also throw them at each other. Think of moving boxes, toasters, footballs and portable radios. These items are the easiest to move, but heavier items such as pianos, sofas and TVs must also be towed. That is not so simple, but when you play in co-op it is possible to throw these objects as well. In solo this is not possible and you have to use the strength of your back to drag these heavy objects towards the tailgate of your truck.

In addition, there are also fragile objects that you logically should not drop. If this is done, the box will break and the object will return to its original location – which will take extra time. Later in the game you also have to deal with moving pets that need to come to. Chickens, pigs, sheep and turtles also have to get in the truck, but they cannot be caught just like that. They also do not stay on the tailgate, so you have to pay close attention to how you set up the truck. Before you know it, one of the animals suddenly runs out of the car and you have to go after it again. Moving Out is in many aspects just as chaotic as Overcooked, albeit that it involves somewhat less time pressure.

Fortunately, you don’t have to leave everything neatly in Moving Out and that creates some hilarious moments. The game is far from subtle, so many windows and doors will die during towing. Are you on the second floor and don’t feel like walking all the way back? Then the solution is the window, throw it out or just jump down into the truck. You are not done with that, because loading the truck is easier said than done. You only have a limited amount of space and you have to use it well. A handy tip is to first load the large objects – such as beds or sofas – so that you can stack the smaller objects on top.

Your goal is to load all mission related objects as efficiently as possible. Each mission comes with three medals you can earn, with gold representing the best possible time. When you have completed a level, you unlock optional assignments for the same level. For example, these could be assignments such as “do not break any windows” or “do not get hit by oncoming traffic”. These side missions are sometimes very original and give the game some extra replay value. In addition, the various levels keep you fascinated in combination with the extra assignments.

As mentioned earlier, the first level is a simple house with only one floor. Not much later, levels with multiple floors pass, which immediately adds more depth to the gameplay. After all, you are always looking for the fastest and easiest route. Many levels also feature dynamic elements such as lifts, treadmills and huge fans that blow you and objects away. There are also levers that close one door and open the other again, where you have to quickly decide what is the right choice. There are a total of thirty missions related to the story and they offer enough variation, so that not one level is boring.

If you have trouble with the challenges in the levels; do not panic. Moving Out has an Assist mode that makes the game easier. For example, time to get medals is increased, objects disappear in the truck when you deliver them and more. Moving Out is therefore accessible to everyone and that is certainly a plus. There are also unique scenarios to unlock by winning gold medals or completing side missions. The gold medals unlock video tapes that allow you to relive historical events of Smooth Moves. Completing side missions will give you access to the Arcade Hall where unique challenges await you. In short: enough content.

Moving Out does, however, have some minor flaws that should not go unmentioned. The biggest shortcoming, for example, is the lack of online co-op. Of course, these are games that lend themselves to couch co-op with a group of friends, but an online multiplayer would certainly have been welcome. In addition, the soundtrack is quite limited and some pieces are repeated in multiple levels. It is not very disturbing, but it does stand out at some point. In addition, you can only view the optional assignments before you start a level, so you better be sure to not forget anything you have to do during gameplay.

Team 17 brings an excellent variant of the well-known Overcooked formula with Moving Out. Moving Out offers a less chaotic, but at least as nice experience as Overcooked. Moving has never been so much fun thanks to the absurd and funny story. In addition, it is only about the results and as a result, many windows, doors and other furniture will often die countlessly, resulting in much hilarity. Each level in Moving Out is a unique experience, and the dynamic elements provide new ways to complete levels. The game also contains enough content to keep you and your friends entertained for a long time. Unfortunately there is no online multiplayer and the soundtrack gets a bit repetitive, but those are just minor points that have little influence on the solid gameplay. Moving Out brings out the worst mover in everyone in an excellent way.

Moving Out is a great and hilarious couch co-op game that should be played with friends and family alike!


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