Monster Jam: Steel Titans

It is somewhat difficult to imagine how Monster Jams has proved its immense popularity over the years. Large, monstrous trucks with pure horsepower do the most intense stunts, which is certainly not without accidents. Fortunately there are the games that always had their charm and appeal. It’s time for a new part and with that comes Monster Jam Steel Titans.

The game is a typical example of a title that mainly attracts a specific audience: fans of racing games and monster trucks. With famous names such as Grave Digger, El Loco Toro and Monster Mutt we go on and off the road. At least, the more famous trucks are only playable after a while when you have saved enough to unlock them. A bit of a shame if you want to get started right away, but if the titles don’t say much, the starter truck is just as cruel as its colorful brothers. Monster Jam Steel Titans is a real racing game with some different modes within the career mode and quick-play. A few examples are the classic circuit race, a 1-vs-1 and one where you have to conquer big hills. In addition, there are also non-race competitions where you perform various stunts in large stages and level up as many objects as possible.

A real monster truck is not itself without horrific stunts, although these seem a lot further away in the game than in real life. You can make a whole series of combos in the air and on the ground with little effort. At some moments gravity hardly plays a role, because you can easily make a triple somersault. This is hilarious and spectacular to see but not entirely realistic, which is a shame for those who hope for a simulation of the Monster Jams. The basics of driving and performing stunts is not very difficult and is explained at the beginning at Monster Jam University. You will then be released to participate in the various competitions. Although the stunt competitions are fairly easy, this does not apply to every race. The difficulty level then noticeably rises considerably, especially when you are racing against the computer. Strangely enough, these trucks don’t seem to have reduced gravity, while you make a double roll at every bump.

Monster Jam Steel Titans is especially fun for the younger crowd and for those who want to enjoy an evening of entertainment. The emphasis is largely on freestyle competitions and performing as many different points as possible. It is a bit disappointing that there is not much variation. There is a wide range of stages, inspired by the real ones from the United States, but it mainly comes down to different hills and elevations on and off. We had hoped for more sensation and surprises, and certainly in the game there had been enough room for some special environments. In addition to the stadium and the racing circuit, there is a small open world where you are free to race. It is a beautiful environment, but the whole feels empty and especially aimless. The lack of online multiplayer is also an additional loss, which could have filled the empty and monotonous feeling. It would have been especially interesting if you could compete against other players to get the best stunts or crazy tricks in the desert-like open world. It is especially unfortunate that Monster Jam Steel Titans has a good basis and nice graphic effects, but you don’t really know how to keep them busy. After about two hours, the game does not hold the attention anymore.

Monster Jam Steel Titans is therefore only recommended if you are a true fan or it seems fun for an evening with crushing Monster Trucks. The game is not really worth the price of €39.99. There is a good concept thanks to the colorful, well-known trucks and the variation between stunting and racing. However, there is little variation otherwise and the game lacks the depth and creativity it could have had. It does not help that there is no online multiplayer, which is limited to local co-op. Finally, the effects are often somewhat strange because gravity sometimes does and sometimes does not have any effect.

Monster Jam: Steel Titans slams itself in the wall with a game that could have been much more, yet it could still be fun for an evening or a younger audience.


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