Mighty Switch Force! Collection Review

Publisher Wayforward Games have best been known lately for their marvelous Shantae series, bringing great stories and interesting characters to the table together with some great platforming elements. However, Shantae isn’t Wayforwards only platforming series. Another great series is Mighty Switch Force that just arrived on the eShop.

In this great collection, you play as a cybernetic peacekeeper name Patricia Wagon. You’ll use your platform and puzzle solving skills to protect the inhabitants of Planet Landers and defeat the enemies on screen! In Mighty Switch Force! 2, Agent Wagon swaps his pellet gun for a fire hose as it extinguishes a dangerous fire and saves potential victims. Finally, in Mighty Switch Force! Academy, you will put the trainees to the test in large HD stadiums with a cooperative mode and a versus mode for up to four players.

The collection has 3 games plus a remake of the first game. The games presented here are excellent and full of content and still require a lot of patience, because a lot of trial and error are on the menu, you only have 3 lives, and if you get to 0 you have to start all over again!

In the first adventure the gameplay is simple, you press a button for some blocks to materialize, while others become transparent, this mechanism develops as and when. The goal of the levels is to recover 5 escapees, the Hooligan sisters. In his sequel, Mighty Switch Force! you have a fire hose instead of a rifle and you will have to put out the fires and, yet again, save the Hooligan Sisters – plus a naughty baby in every level, it’s up to you to find them all.

Hyper Drive Edition is an HD remaster of the first, with a big visual touch. The cute style of the game and the catchy music give a real reason to redo the first adventure in what is probably the ultimate edition of the title. For Academy mode, it’s a multiplayer experience – for up to 4 players. The versus mode is very interesting because you can only change the block when you have a Hooligan Sister.

The collection assures you several hours of pleasure in a version where the graphics are super crisp and colorful. Definitely a must have for fans of the series and worth checking out for any game fan. We can only enjoy this great installment now while we all look forward to what Shantae 5 will have in store for us when it arrives sometime in the future, also for Nintendo Switch.

Mighty Switch Force! Collection is a delighful platform compilation with some of the best platforming segments you hope to come across in the genre.


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