Metro Redux

Whenever a graphically impressive game is ported for the Switch, we keep on being impressed that it is actually possible. With games such as The Witcher 3, Doom and Doom Eternal, Mortal Kombat and so on, it turns out that the Nintendo Switch can handle more and more than what we originally hoped for. However, we should not always think that these games will play as well as their PS4 or Xbox One counter part and it is therefore best that we take a critical look at how the game really plays on the Switch. Today’s turn; Metro Redux.

Metro Redux is a compilation that combines the first two titles of 4A Games with the existing DLCs. But to justify the “Next-Gen” argument, the developers decided to give the titles a good facelift. The games are indeed much nicer on the stronger competitors of the Switch, but on Nintendo’s console the games just do not reach the same threshold. The detail in the textures of weapons, environment and the like has clearly improved, especially with Metro 2033 compared to the original, but these differences are less noticeable in Last Light. This is something that was also noticeable with the PS4 and Xbox One versions of those games. Where Nintendo has to lose something is with the resolutions and frame rates. These are locked for both games in portable mode at 720p and 30fps and docked can then get the games back to 1080p.

The frame rate generally remains fairly stable, even in slightly larger environments and intense action scenes, the Switch seems to often hit the cap of 30, only in Last Light we sometimes noticed that the cap was a bit harder to hold. Load times are longer than on the PS4 and Xbox One version, but that happens more often with heavier ports like this. As long as they don’t happen annoyingly often or long, it’s okay to wait a few seconds from the home screen to being ingame.

Just like the original Metro Redux, the games are otherwise untouched compared to the original Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. The AI ​​in the first game in particular sometimes seems quite stupid, but fortunately Last Light has fewer problems with that. All in all, this is another decent port for the Switch and it shows that even more of these games can happen to give Nintendo players even more new gaming experiences.

Metro Redux for the Nintendo Switch is a good quality port that is a great pick-up for newcomers or fans of the series.


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