Metaloid: Origin Review

When we look around in the eShop we see a ton of different games that are either trying to be unique in every way possible or those who pay tribute to golden classics and want to give their own new version of a certain game type. Metaloid: Origin is one of the latter games that want to look back and known gameplay and offer some new twists to interest the player.

Metaloid: Origin is a 2D action platformer. You play as an android warrior known as the “Predator” who runs through 9 different levels in order to save his planet from a robot army, led by Lucian Corp, who invades the planet and exploits the resources to power their galaxy.

You have three characters with different skills and weapons; Erika floods the screen with a barrage of shots, Zeta uses atomic thunder and Neva can fly through the level equipped with a jetpack. Along the way, you will collect Soulrium gems and you can use them to buy new weapons and unlock new powers anywhere in the game by simply opening the Pause menu. However, some upgrades will require more than Soulrium to unlock them and they give the game even more relief. You have 2 different difficulty settings and in the hard mode enemies move faster, inflict more damage, and so on.

The game obviously has features of the classic Megaman franchise, but it gives us the chance to change gameplay during certain levels – like driving a cart in a volcano in another. The game is fun and the controls respond perfectly. In addition, the game succeeded in training you in an atmosphere certainly retro and the excellent soundtrack of “Kamil Sudrajat” gives life to the title.

Metaloid: Origin isn’t a huge game in every way, but it is really fun and it plays like a real little charm. In the end it is a nice platform game that should entertain fans of the genre.

Metaloid Origin is a great game for fans of the classic run and gun platformers, just don’t expect to many new unique twists.


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