La Mulana is a series of games where you will have to die constantly to be able to see the end of these two very very difficult titles. You play, in both games, an archaeologist man in the first and woman in the second. You could think of this as an Indiana Jones adventure gone very wrong.

The gameplay of these games make you think fast, act fast and whip hard to overcome dangerous traps and puzzles that can be your instant downfall, in these quests to uncover unfathomable secrets. With a metroidvania style of play and flawless gameplay, these two games come out like a pearl from an oyster. The more concrete your advance in the adventure is, the more new areas will have to be discovered – frankly the imagination of these games is to be discovered, because the more you advance the more the aesthetic becomes crazy and really interesting. Particularly with the intense boss meetings will come with certain puzzles to make your task particularly difficult. And some of the puzzles are difficult, but I mean really really difficult.

The level design of both LA-MULANA games is very well done, although graphically the games aren’t the best we have seen of these kind of games. The title is an immediate pleasure to take in, despite its particularly intense difficulty curve, which will please the most hardcore of players. The Mullana 2 is necessarily more beautiful and much clearer than the first game. The music and the atmosphere go hand in hand and are perfect for these games. Calm and intriguing moments come with the appropriate music ditto for the more brutal and intense moments of the game.

Devilish platform game fans will be served delightfully, the game will succeed – and I am absolutely convinced – in testing your player skills, because the two games are very mentally demanding and you will get at least 50 hours out of them. to successfully complete the two titles you will have more then a substantial lifespan.

An adventure full of secrets and challenges, ingenious and very intelligent, these two titles are probably the most difficult to finish for a long time, but the sense of joy in arriving at the end of these adventures is clearly worth it. A nice surprise and certainly a must have in your collection if you are a fan of the metroidvania genre or particularly difficult platform games. For my part, I love it! In addition, you can buy the games individually or in one package.

LA-MULANA 1 & 2 will test your logic and platforming skills to the fullest, delivering two metroidvania’s that you will most certainly remember.


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