Kingdom Two Crowns

Building games are becoming quite common on the Nintendo eShop, with farming games and city builders leading the charge. But not many games take things on a different route, like the series of Kingdom. Kingdom Two Crowns lets you create your entire kingdom from scratch, and this mainly in a side scrolling view.

Kingdom Two Crowns is a follow-up to a flash game called The Kingdom. This game was redesigned for pc, console and mobile and after some years we have a successor in our hands. Kingdom Two Crowns is actually very similar to its predecessor. The “Two Crowns” that make up its name, are linked to the cooperative mode by which to play together with another person. The platform on which we tried Kingdom Two Crowns was Nintendo Switch, probably due to the characteristics of the game which is most suitable for its use. But let’s not waste any more time, because Kingdom Two Crowns undoubtedly deserves to be discovered in detail: the kingdom needs us!

Kingdom Two Crowns starts with a brief introduction, in which we are shown the protagonist of the game: a landless ruler, accompanied by a ghost to the small camp from which he has to build his kingdom. Starting from four pieces of wood, the goal is in fact to expand and bring to prosperity a group of people to grow in numbers, integrating new workers a little at a time who are going to contribute to our cause. If you don’t know Kingdom, reading these words you will be thinking that Kingdom Two Crowns can be more of a strategic sim game, made of menus with many elements. In reality there is nothing more wrong: the interface does not present any window or other element, while the control system is based on very few buttons, through which you move the sovereign and collect or distribute precious coins. In fact, the player has the task of exploring the various levels in their search, then deciding whether to invest them in building other pieces in their camp or in recruiting people who are in the surrounding areas. The latter can initially be transformed into builders or archers, and then you add other types of units to the list over time.

Carefully planning your investments is the fundamental aspect of Kingdom Two Crowns, given that the kingdom does not live in peace. What we do during the day and at night is threatened by the so-called Greed, the little monsters who with the favor of the moon come to attack us systematically. At this point, therefore, the defenses that we have set up become fundamental, intended both as walls capable of resisting the attack until the morning, and as archers placed in their vicinity. Apart from defining our army numerically, there is nothing left for us that we can do: those who go to fight and how they do it are completely managed by the CPU, thus making us simple spectators at this stage to whom we just have to pray that the arrows will hit. Archers do not have an infallible aim, and for this reason too we would have liked to have had a more incisive role in this phase without being forced to only watch. In case things go wrong and our ruler loses his crown, and here is where a Roguelike aspect comes in. After being defeated, you start with a fresh rules and from the rubble of the kingdom of the past one. In addition to being less punitive, in this way Kingdom Two Crowns allows the player to explore the various islands that make up the campaign mode , where to establish new camps to enlarge in order to go exploring in search of other additional elements. Among these, for example, there are also mounts other than horses that we find in dowry at the beginning and there are more hidden and fun aspects, but that is for you to discover.

At first glance, Kingdom Two Crowns is yet another title that relies on 16-bit graphics to attract the most incurable nostalgics among us. Although in fact there are now many other games that have resorted to a vintage style, Kingdom Two Crowns still manages to stand out because of the care of all the elements that are on the screen. You therefore receive great looking environments, never repetitive, to the obsessive care for details of the structures and people who populate our kingdom. With a title so beautiful to look at, exploration is naturally encouraged too, allowing the player to traverse forests populated by wildlife and to discover within them all the additional elements we previously talked about. Since we have not yet done so, it is good at this point to clarify that the dynamics of the game occur only in 2D thus allowing us to go only to the right or left while our actions are reflected by the waterway that is in the foreground. If you are the type of player who likes to stop and contemplate what they see on the screen, Kingdom Two Crowns will give you a lot to enjoy, also taking advantage of the excellent soundtrack and audio effects made by the developers. The cooperative mode is available both online and in split-screen. By playing together with a friend it is possible to count on two sovereigns and as many mounts, thus obtaining quite important benefits: while one of the two goes looking for coins, for example, the other can stay in the camp and decide how to invest them, thus saving time precious towards the arrival of the night and therefore of the Greed. If faced alone, Kingdom Two Crowns can in fact be quite difficult in some moments, as well as having a game structure that can feel quite repetitive.

Kingdom Two Crowns is a game with a great concept and detailed visuals, but it can feel a tad repetitive in time.


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