Killer Queen Black

You do not often see arcade games anymore, and even less so arcade games that do not have a console or pc counterpart. Killer Queen Black is based on a very popular arcade game where people have several roles to choose from and ways to win the game. Now Killer Queen Black is finally playable on Nintendo Switch and boy is it a blast!

In Killer Queen Black you can choose between two characters per tournament: the workers and the queen. You play the matches four against four divided as three workers and one queen. As a worker you have a number of options; you can collect berries to fill the gaps, you can ride the snail and you can step into a portal. In a portal you can get a power-up that you keep until you go off. Examples of these power-ups are a shield or a rotating nail ball around you. With the nail ball you can kill other workers, but also the queen. These power-ups are very handy, but you don’t get them just like that. You must first hold a berry before you can become more powerful. As a worker you can go off as often as you like, but of course that is not advisable given the waiting time between dying and the ability to move again.

As a queen, on the other hand, you play a different role. However, she may only die twice before the pot stops. As a queen you can do different things. You can “claim” portals by flying over them. With this function only your own team can use this portal. There is also the possibility to fly over portals of the other team that will make it your color again. The queen can also attack from multiple sides; both horizontally and downwards. Your goal is to bring down the other Killer Queen, but also the workers themselves when they are sitting around the snail or when they collect berries.

Killer Queen Black offers the possibility for quick play, but also for ranked. You can choose whether you prefer to be a worker, queen or any of the two. It is very nice that there is the possibility to express your preference, instead of randomly chosen. Because of this you can often play the role you want. When you play with random people online, you notice what a wonderful chaos the game can be. Since you can win in three ways, there are also three ways to pay attention. I had several times that someone opted for the snail tactic, where our team just realized it on time. It can also happen that a match is just over, but then it appears that the queen has already been beaten three times. All in all it is very exciting and also a lot of fun. You play short games where you can always use a different tactic.

The art style of Killer Queen Black has been perfectly designed for old school arcade games and also fits well on the Nintendo Switch, home to many popular indie games. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see fantastic effects here, but a game as frantic as this doesn’t need those. The music is sadly forgetful, but it compensates this with fun and good sound effects.

With Killer Queen Black you can now also play the arcade hit yourself at home. You can win in three ways: fill the base with berries, defeat the queen three times or race with the snail to the finish. The game plays very smoothly on the Nintendo Switch both online and in local multiplayer. Unfortunately I miss a single player mode where you play with bots. Bots are sometimes used online when there are not enough players. These bots are well adapted, so why there is no single player mode remains a mystery to me. In the end Killer Queen Black is a good, fun addition to the Nintendo Switch and a must-play for those who like frantic and fast games.

Killer Queen Black is a frantic and fun arcade game that delivers exiting times both on- and offline. Yet we hoped it would also have included a singeplayer option for times when you can’t play with others.


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