Kill la Kill: IF Review

Kill la Kill’s analysis holds a wonderful surprise for fans of this anime and any fan of fighting games. A dynamic, spectacular and highly strategic game from the creators of Dragon Ball FighterZ (Arc System Works).

With the launch of Kill the Kill IF for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC it is confirmed that Arc System Works continues in a state of grace. The Japanese studio has had the collaboration of Trigger (creators of the anime) to make this adaptation, and has achieved a combat system full of possibilities, which remains at the great level that the company’s previous games like Dragon Ball have already shown. FighterZ and the Blazblue or Guilty Gear sagas.

In this case, the clashes allow us to relive a less known series in our country, Kill la Kill, but that is very entertaining (and has one of the craziest arguments of recent years). We moved to Honnoji Academy, where students wear very special clothes. Goku uniforms contain a red thread, the primordial fiber, which grants powers to those who dress them … and of course, these are destructive powers.

Depending on the amount of this fiber of extraterrestrial origin that the uniforms have, each student is assigned a number of stars; but in the game, we are only interested in the elite of the institute: the students who have won three stars (and therefore have the best combat suits).

In this situation, it crosses the path of two girls with a lot of character, Satsuki Kiryuin and Ryuko Matoi, rivals in combat, but with the same purpose: to end the director of the academy Ragyo Kiryuin (who is the mother of Satsuki and hidden the name of the murderer of Ryuko’s father).

It may be a bit messy for those who do not know the saga, but the story mode of Kill la Kill If explains it very clearly, with anime sequences, which have the same style of the series. It should be clarified that it is a style of drawing fast and angular strokes, which may seem a bit more neglected than traditional anime. But it is very dynamic and its characters are full of charisma (in fact, Kill la Kill is loaded with waifus for fans).

Kill la Kill If is a fighting game in 3D environments, which reminds us of games like the One Piece or Jump Force. However, in this case, the combat system is much more complex, and has a perfect learning curve, which allows us to constantly discover new strategies.

The basic controls consist of a button for close attacks, another for ranged shots and another to break the enemy’s guard, in addition to the jump, defense and specials, which are executed by pressing the trigger R. It is a fairly simple scheme, but the possibility of moving freely around the stage and the alternation of combos gives it a good depth.

Normal are the “one on one” clashes, but the story mode (a total of 10 chapters starring Ryuko and another 10 starring Satusuki) is seasoned with fighting against 100 enemies, with the support of allies or against the four members of the elite: Ira Gamagori, Uzu Sanageyama, Houka Inumuta, Nonon Jakuzure.

And of course, each hit is animated as a sequence of the series, with a dynamic camera that works like a charm and offers some spectacular shots (with some fixation on the buttocks and the neckline of the fighters, which can’t be missed for who has seen the anime).

In addition, when we have filled our bar of special attacks, we can challenge the opponent to a kind of paper rock or scissors (bloody value) with which to get bonuses during the fight, such as filling our energy bar or having the blows do more damage. The perfect complement are the voices in Japanese and the music of the series. We almost seem to be watching some chapter … but not everything is so good in Kill la Kill IF.

The main problem of the game is its low content. To begin with, the story mode can be overcome in a couple of hours with both characters, and then we only have the fighting versus (against the computer, against a second fighter -local and online- or in “ranked” games) and practice.

It is true that we can unlock virtual figures to take pictures with different poses, a gallery of voices, anime sequences … but it is not enough. Because there are only 8 fighters available (some with different weapons and costumes) and 6 combat scenarios.

These scenarios are quite empty, and recreate the main places in the saga, but in a short time we will be accustomed to seeing them again and again. This lack of modes and characters is more bleeding if we consider that two extra characters have already been announced as DLC.

The technical section, on the other hand, is quite remarkable. The game moves at 30 FPS on Switch, 60 on PS4 and PC, and reaches a resolution of 1080p, with designs faithful to the originals, good animations and a great sound section (it is only subtitled in English).

If it had been a little more careful, Kill la Kill If would be a great fighting game, at the height of those we mentioned at the beginning of the review, but it is inevitable that we fall short with this catalog of fighters and modes . If you are a big fan of the series, surely you can ignore these shortcomings, because the story is very much enjoyed.

Arc System Works gives us a great combat system, true to the anime and very deep, but the content is very scarce, even for fans of the series, and additional game modes are missing.


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