Kickstarter game Hunt the Night coming to Switch

Kickstarter is an extremely popular platform for developers who seek to make their work become a reality, and so to did developer Moonlight Games started up a Kickstarter for their game Hunt the Night.

Hunt the Night is a 16-bit action-adventure set in a dark world, it takes inspiration from games like Zeld: A Link To The Past, Bloodborne and Dark Souls. The funding so far has already been succesful and has been well passed the amount needet to make this game become a reality. You can still check the game out here and you can find an announcement trailer as wel as an overview of the game below.

As a member of ‘The Stalkers’ order, you must cross a vast and devastated world full of dungeons filled with puzzles, enemies and traps. The difficulty of the game is high but rewarding, especially in the intense battles against bosses. You must learn their weak points, attack patterns and survive through the different combat phases as the battle gets more challenging and extreme.

There is a cycle of Day and Night. Each cycle starts with the rise of the humanity and ends with the extinction of nearly every single living being by ‘The Night’, when the Sun sets. With the breaking of a Seal that was able to stop this destruction, humanity faces annihilation once more. You must embrace the shadows to Hunt the Night.

Music is a really important part of the game and we count with the collaboration of Hiroki Kikuta, composer of several of the greatest 16 bits soundtracks like Secret of Mana. Kikuta-san capture the essence of the Night.

Hunt the Night mixes all the great stuff from Bloodborne, Terranigma or The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with the duality between light and darkness, the acceptance of loss and the importance of balance and hope.

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