Just Dance 2020

Just Dance has been a recurring phenomenon for Ubisoft since its announcement, just by looking at the E3 conferences, we realize the awareness they give to this franchise. Year after year it can be said that it does not change much at all and the only change or addition is rather the songs that are added to each edition. But there is renewal here and there.

This year, Just 2020 is the tenth anniversary of the franchise, and in fact they’ve added a new game mode called the “All Stars Mode” for that reason. Inside they take you through the most remarkable songs in the history of Just Dance, from the first 10 years ago to the present, with some mini-cinematics that take you along a road that Just Dance has brought up. Nothing really impressive but a nice addition for the fans and people who don’t buy every edition.

You can say that this All Stars mode is the campaign mode of the game, something we hadn’t seen before, and where we unlock an exclusive song for the game at the end, so to unlock all songs you will be forced (although it is fun!) to play this mode.

Something we have always enjoyed in the Just Dance franchise and that is no exception in this new episode is the colorful artwork; We cannot imagine a game like this without those colors that jump out of the screen and which make the game beautiful to present at events such as E3 or Gamescom, with people dressed in very striking costumes. Part of your game should simply excel in order not to be watered down by all the photorealism that can be seen everywhere nowadays.

And it is not only how the characters dress or what the menus look like, but also the backgrounds that we see in the different songs look more than alive and interesting, although it is not that you focus on them during performing the dance steps, but if you are in the audience, you can enjoy it.

Just Dance is still a party game, multiplayer and online are much more fun. For that reason, certain songs are still very suitable for dancing with two to four. And there are both laughable and extremely difficult dances to please everyone.

The gameplay of Just Dance has always been simple and adapts to your options. You don’t have to be an expert in dancing to get a good rating. Just by following the movements of the dancers on the screen, it is sufficient to meet the requirements and it also helps to practice certain popular dances. Moreover, you can even perform the movements while seated and get high scores without problems. In this way, disabled people can also enjoy without just watching as an audience.

Games like Just Dance can usually be skipped for a year because not much innovation is added. This year the game has a nice extra thanks to the All Stars Mode, but besides that the menus seem to have only had a minor update and so we have to make do with the selection of new songs (which are fortunately very diverse). You still have the Unlimited mode with which you can play more than 500 songs of all the games, but at a cost.

This anniversary edition is one that you can pick up with confidence thanks to its extra mode. However, if you already have a lot of these games, we recommend that you first view the selection of songs before you decide on this one to take home.

This tenth edition offers a fun extra mode, but is and remains for fans of Just Dance. The song selection is very diverse, but we still recommend that you review it before you decide to purchase this next editon.


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