Jamestown +

Since the Nintendo eShop has been going on for about three years now we have seen plenty of good games in all genres, so any new game releasing now has to battle its way to the top and face the similar game of said genre. Shoot’em-ups have been hit and miss on the eShop so far, but with the decent release of the first game makes Jamestown+ a direct hit to the top of the Shmups.

“Jamestown +” is a collaborative shoot’em up for up to four players that leads you into a war on the populated Mars of the 17th century. With its small space glider, you will fly vertically towards the top of the screen and with your primary and secondary weapons you will heat up the enemy units, which range from war units to extraterrestrial life forms to monstrous giant animals. For example, the standard ship initially has a machine gun on board and an additional beam to clear larger enemies out of the way. In addition, you can always activate the shield for a short time in between, which is particularly advantageous for the huge bosses.

Anyone who has successfully passed a mission should not have completed it prematurely, as “Jamestown +” tells you from the third mission that the normal level of difficulty is not sufficient to continue, and from the fifth mission you can also come along the next higher level of difficulty. If you play alone and don’t have much experience, you will quickly reach your limits. Incidentally, the + version has additional ships with new, adaptable weapon systems and leads you to the Martian moons Phobos and Deimos in new chapters in Jamestown history. Many of the additional ships, weapons, upgrades and additional game modes must first be unlocked and then exchanged for the money earned.

You can tell that “Jamestown +” has its roots in the shoot’em ups of the 90s in the first few minutes of the game. The old-school charm really leaps out when you fight all sorts of war machines, monsters and even pirates (crabs). Appropriately, the melodies and sound effects come crashing out of the Switch its small speakers, which have also been revised compared to the original version. By the way, the screen texts are in English.

Cooperation is really the key to success in “Jamestown +”. On the other hand, however, it becomes damn difficult very quickly. Final Form Games throws you into cold water from the third mission onwards, since you cannot end the game in normal or next level of difficulty. So it’s best to sit on the living room couch with three friends and head to Mars, because the game is definitely fun.

Jamestown + is a great addition to the Shoot’em-up genre for the Nintendo Switch to play with your friends.


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