Ibb & Obb

Ever since the Switch launched with its left and right joy cons Nintendo made it perfectly clear that it was a machine made for multiplayer games. Since then plenty have launched on the eShop, yet not that many have been truly great and a must-buy. Now that may change with a game that has been made with co-op in mind. Ibb & Obb has been playable on Steam since 2014 and now Nintendo players can play this amazing title by Sparpweed.

First of all. Yes, the developers at Sparpweed actually offer a mode for soloists, in which you operate the two cute figures with one of the two analog sticks. But once you start playing it alone, you soon notice that the game isn’t all that easy when you have to control two characters at the same time. The puzzles often need a bit of timing and controlling characters at the same time will most certainly make you miss more often then you would like to.

The design of the game world does its part because it consists of two levels: the top is classic as in dozens of other skill and bouncy games, but the bottom acts as its mirror with reverse gravity. The levels can be changed at fixed portals, but some of them are only passable for one of the two figures due to their color coding. Cooperation is the key here: Whether you have to help your buddy out to get over an obstacle by giving him a one up or making him bounce upwards with special platforms. You will always have to think through your actions in order to get further in the levels. There are also weird bouncing enemies around the levels that will kill you when you touch them, but on the opposite side of the spectrum you can easily hit a white blob that will defeat the black enemies, giving you points to collect in return.

Ibb & Obb truly shines in co-op. The game puzzles makes you negotiate and talk how you will get over each hazard. In time you will notice that momentum will often be your friend, as falling through a portal will make you get higher on the mirrored world and vice versa. In the later levels you will find more skill based challenges to, where the game gives you new ways to hone your skills, although some might like the puzzle side of the game a bit more as some skill based sections can get frustrating if you don’t get past them.

Another way the game is truly mesmerizing is in it’s simplistic artstyle. Ibb & Obb has clean colored backgrounds with soft round shapes and sometimes weird inhabitants that you pass by that are as cute as the main characters. With soft and entertaining music in the background to guide you trough the levels. Sometimes a game really doesn’t need to be complex to be a great looking experience and Ibb & Obb is just that. Plain, simple and a rewarding gameplay.

Ibb & Obb is a great co-op puzzle platformer that will give you a very fun time.


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