Hungry Baby: Party Treats review

When you look at the first years of the Switch being on the market, you see that it has more and more amazing party games to play with friends. The Joy Cons are the perfect way to easily grant multiple people a fun experience and if the game is simple enough it becomes more easy to invite new people to try and play the game. But in the end, to simple can also become frustrating.

The basic goal in this game is to get to the baby in order to feed your icecream, fruit or any other delicious treat in the hungry mouth of the newborn. You hop from blok to blok in the hopes you do not die, because there is really hardly no way to know whether your next step could be your last.

The game is sadly based on trial and error and you will die multiple times not knowing where to go next before you can reach the end. Hungry Baby puts you in a minefield where no one can see where the safest route is and although you have some powerups to defend yourself, the fun will last about as much as hearing a crying baby over a much needed bottle.

The game offers two game modes, Campaign and Competitive, which can both be played solo or with friends. The campaign feels a bit tacked on to make the game feel and last longer and we would suggest playing this mode or anything of the game with friends to get as much fun out of it as you can.

Competitve offers a bit more variation in things to do, next to the regular ‘Classic’ mode there were a few others like Food Cart, Icy Race and Go! Go! Pan! In Food Cart, the gameplay is basically the same as classic, but with a twist. The first person to hit the button, which makes the food cart move, will win. Go! Go! Pan! Has you trying to be the first person to reach the cooking pan. In Icy Race, well as the name suggest you are racing on ice to the finish. All these modes offer more fun then the regular classic mode and me and friends sticked to games like Food Cart and Icey Race mostly.

Hungry Baby Party Treat will not be for everyone, but it certainly has the looks of a fun party game. It is filled to the brim with fun animations and a nice color palette. This game might be best enjoyed by your younger siblings as the bright animations will sooth their appetite just fine, but for us adults it might feel a bit to basic and even frustrating at times to fill our belly.

Hungry Baby Party Treat is best enjoyed with younger players or people who don’t mind dying in trial and error. The game could have had more content to offer, but the pricepoint is decent enough to warrant it. Other players might stay away from this as you might only get frustrated playing it.


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