Hot Shot Burn coming to Switch next year

The arena party brawler Hot Shot Burn is coming to Switch next year in 2020, publisher Artifex Mundi and its internal development team Flaming Flamingo have announced.

The arena party brawler will initially debut on Steam Early Access on August 15, followed by a full release including a full-blown Switch version in 2020.

We have the following overview and trailer for Hot Shot Burn:

Gladiators! Welcome to the bloody arena, where paper beats rock, rock beats scissors and shotgun beats everything else!

Hot Shot Burn is a top-down, unhinged arena party brawler where space gladiators compete in the galaxy’s ultimate televised blood sport. Play online or offline with up to 4 players, and you too can experience manic, bloody battles where the laws of physics are entirely optional.

Pick your hero, from ass-whooping space wrestler to deadly moth assassin and one very confused fluffy alien. Each character has unique skills and play styles, so find your match and get ready to explode your friends and loved ones for a galactic audience of screaming fans.

Fast-paced, unpredictable multiplayer action for 2-4 players
Play on the couch, online, or both!
Loads of arenas, each with unique hazards and rules
Feel the effects of powerful mutators that can warp reality and turn a match on its head.
Vibrant art style inspired by Saturday morning cartoons
Powered the thumping tunes of SYNTHWAVEEEEEEE!

Source: Artifex Mundi PR

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