Headsnatchers is a stupid party game similar to Gang Beasts that can accommodate up to 4 players, locally or online! Challenge your friends in foolish fights and steal their heads on Nintendo Switch! You can personalize your head with hundreds of items, accessories and beauty products to create your own unique head to protect. Participate in many mini-games and be the first to win and score using heads in various ways and sometimes strange mechanics.

The thought of Headsnatchers is to play in multiplayer with friends and / or strangers. You need to participate in several mini-games using the heads of your opponents. You best go online to play with 4 other people or with friends on the same screen to get the best immersion to this really crazy title.

In the end, the point of the game is to steal the heads of your enemies and use them in any way possible. Your goal is simple: get points by performing tasks with the heads you catch. However, this goal is shared by your competitors who want to steal your head for the same reason. Simple and quite chaotic.

A platform-driven solo mode is also included in Headsnatchers, but we see that the title is clearly a game for the multiplayer mode, so you probably won’t really be interested in coming back to the singleplayer after a game or two considering the fun pure that online mode provides. The graphics are very cartoonish and of good quality. The music is good, ditto for the sound track.

Headsnatchers is incredibly fun with friends or multiplayer with these unique and frantic matches. Full of mini games in a total of 25 levels close to have a pure choatic time with and just in time for some good winter nights with some friends on the couch.

Headsnatchers is plain old pure and hectic fun, and that is all that counts to make this game worth your time and money.


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