Gun Gun Pixies Review

The Switch is a system for all audiences. Don’t believe me? Then you should look at all the soft-erotic games that have come out thanks to publisher PQube and developers like Compile Hearts. Now those erotic games are usually a bit weird but can have some wonderfull gameplay mechanics. Gun Gun Pixies is sadly one that falls quite low.

What to do if your own population has forgotten all interpersonal interaction? It sends the two worst graduates of the Military Academy to the other end of the galaxy to spy in a girls dorm – it is logical! There is still the small problem with the size difference, as the two aliens are as big as your finger, but that should be more of an advantage for an infiltration mission. So they set up a secret base and start to watch. Unfortunately, this doesn’t go as planned, because the girls in the dormitory are facing all sorts of problems and are often not honest with each other or with themselves. So interaction is needed with the humans to be able to observe them in their purest form.

We are describing this a bit nicer now than it actually is in the game. All protagonists are unfortunately only the usual stereotypes without character development and their storylines are usually simply uninteresting. The cutscenes in story mode – if I can call them that – are long and neither visually nor narrative interesting. It’s the saddest type of visual novel presentation. A bitter aftertaste also comes with the pacing. Once selected, the story mode goes from one passage of text to the next, it does not let you skip these and only moves forward at a tedious pace. Only when you are past that and in the selection menu to advance forward you are past all the text. And even there they put stones in your way to get back to the main menu.

the aliens have to hide from the girls and act in the background. To interact, they use their firearms and so-called Happy Bullets, which they fire on their target person. If a body part is bombarded enough, there is a sometimes helpful, sometimes pointless reaction and the mission continues. However, I have to credit Gun Gun Pixies with some variation in the mission structure. They range from shooting at the girls to finding certain objects in the for you gigantic room or dealing with squid-like enemies of your size. And at the end of a chapter, one of the girls goes into the bathtub.

Not only do you fight against condom-carrying squid or the visualized emotions of giant schoolgirls, no, my biggest opponent in the game is the camera and controls. For shooting and aiming, the camera can be adjusted in the options menu and is still somehow easy to use, but in narrow areas – such as behind desks and wardrobes – she completely fails to follow and just stands still. In addition, there are some opponents who can be turned off with a courageous jump on the head, but to hit them is an act in itself. If I move my character, it is either completely or not at all and the jumps are so delayed and imprecise that it simply becomes agony to move over anything other than the floor, such as jumping over a desk, on to a bed or climbing a ladder.

The collision query is also very moody in some places – be it in motion or shooting. There are certain sniper spots in the rooms that increase my shot power or reset my damage once. You also have to collect ammunition tanks and find a plethora of coins that can then be exchanged in the shop for underwear, stronger weapons and riflescopes with X-ray function. However, I would not recommend using a rifle type other than the initial weapons that fire three balls in a slight spread angle.

If I were to describe Gun Gun Pixies with very few words, I would probably say: Meat inspection without any further content! Gun Gun Pixies offers nothing but constant voyeurism to peek under the skirts of girls or to band them in supposedly private activities – and to top it all, even with some underwhelming gameplay.

Gun Gun Pixies is a nice idea combined with quite mediocre gameplay.


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