Grandia HD Collection details and footage

E3 has alot of new (and older) RPG’s to play and we have so many that some might be forgotten through the bunch of big names like Final Fantasy VII remake. But Grandia HD Collection is still coming and we have our first gameplay of the games together with a bunch of new details you can view below.

– Out very soon
– GungHo is still in discussions with Nintendo in terms of release timing
– No plans for a physical release
– The code base used is the original PlayStation version
– Ports are being handled by Sickhead Games
– Will support proper widescreen
– Only pre-rendered or animated movies and the world map screen remained with a 4:3 display
– As many art assets as possible were touched up for this release
– Character sprites & portraits, enemy sprites, environment model art, and UI elements like icons & text were touched up
– A few menu digits could not be replaced, but most of the UI has received a clear overhaul
– There will not be options to choose original sprites
– Audio quality will be the same as the PSX version
– Grandia II got a new Hard Mode in its re-release in 2015, but no such new additions will be made to the original Grandia
– Dual-audio support
– French and German subtitle tracks
– GungHo was interested in also doing a Spanish localization, but it wasn’t something they could deliver at the moment because of the amount of text
– Unique to Grandia HD Remaster, the voice track can be toggled mid-game, rather than only at the opening menu as with Grandia II HD Remaster
– As for Grandia II HD Remaster, proper widescreen is supported as the Anniversary Edition did not natively support this
– Some art has also been touched up further, most notably in the UI
– Otherwise, Grandia II HD Remaster is currently receiving more performance tweaks to remove as many glitches as possible from the release
– GungHo unsure about Grandia III HD Remaster happening

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