Good Job

During Nintendo Directs, Nintendo sometimes dares to announce games and immediately offer them for sale via the eShop. This was no different during the Direct Mini at the end of March. The game seemed to slip through the cracks, but we took a closer look at Good Job.

As the son of a famous CEO, you might think that you quickly end up in the footsteps of your father, but nothing could be further from the truth if it turns out that you are unfortunately not as gifted or handy as the rest of the family. Still, you should get a chance and start working as a handyman for the company. You are located in a gigantic building, where you can work out how you will perform all your tasks.

Those tasks are also very varied. From lazy people who do not arrive in time for the meeting and need someone to take them to the room, to placing a retro projector in a large room, maneuvering forklifts in the distribution area, to shipping orders and operations from a large crane. You will have many options and assignments to choose from and they will all teach you something.

Each floor of the building consists of a “lobby” and several rooms. The floors are spaces with a realistic design, but very colorful. There is no shortage of details such as cups, mugs, tablets and even Nintendo Switch consoles. The funny thing about this is that we can really use all these objects. Our character, as well as all NPCs, all seem to be made from some sort of black plasticine. Fortunately, you stand out thanks to special helmets or the use of some clothing.

The special feature of this touch and manipulation force means that small objects can be held and transported by hand, while even the largest objects can be dragged. As soon as we started playing, we realized how easy it was to manipulate everything in the game. Tables, chairs and large boxes can be moved and we can even transport the other NPCs on chairs. You also have instant access to all divisions, which are presented in an isometric 3D perspective, which greatly enhances the perspective and sense of progress.

Soon we also discover a range of tools, such as forklift trucks (for transporting wooden boxes on pallets) – whose physical feel is remarkable – and plugs that we can plug into the socket. In addition, they often still have a secondary function, such as an electricity cable that you can also use as an elastic to fire objects.

Every level you get more and more options to create chaos or break objects. Normally you would say this is bad, but not in Good Job. After all, damage will give you extra points, especially when breaking more valuable items, usually marked in gold. The greater the destruction, the higher the final cash premium, which is quite an upside-down world.

The cladding of each area and floor is impressive and is usually associated with a specific theme. To enter the floor, you have to solve the puzzles for each section in order to unlock an extra puzzle that opens up to the next floor. As with Luigi’s Mansion 3, some sections are huge for their verticality. In the distribution area, there are such big height differences, that you not only need a crane, but you also have to climb two layers with the lift, which in itself also looks more like a warehouse and further increases the verticality of some levels. This diversity makes the experience all the more interesting, even though sometimes we have to go all the way back to the beginning not to waste so much time on some – preventable – mistakes made along the way.

The solutions are obvious in most puzzles, and while it can seem stressful in some contexts due to the constant elevation changes, it is sometimes possible to imaginatively shorten the path and deal even more damage.

It is also quite good in terms of sound. The walls break with the sound of collapsing stones and even the transported NPCs surprise our operations. The physical feeling is well refined, which makes every contact and handling of objects pleasant. A second player can also be added at any time. Unfortunately, there is no specific two-player mode, so the extra character will just be able to help where possible.

Good Job is not that simple, but the myriad of possibilities for creating chaos make gameplay a weapon in the player’s favor. Some puzzles where the solution is more obvious can cause some fatigue from constant manipulation of the same objects. However, all floors have a theme and are equipped with tools that we use to solve the company’s problems, providing enough variety.

Good Job is a very wacky and fun puzzle game that makes you put effort in the chaos you create.


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