Golf With Your Friends

Team17 is already a great publisher to its multiplayer audience, with the great success of Overcooked being its main flagship. Even without the same charm of the aforementioned game, Golf with your Friends is an excellent source of fun and draws a lot of attention for those who want to gather the crowd for some games without commitment.

Golf With Your Friends gives you the choice between 16 tracks ranging from a peacefull forest to a dinosaur filled area or even places based on past games by Team17 like Worms or The Escapists. Literally anything can happen and 95% of the things that can go wrong are, without question, your fault. There are two factors that open a gap for thousands of errors, strength and direction. With both in your favor, they will be consecrating you in a single shot or, against you, making you fall into some trap in the middle of the field.

To be victorious, just score your points based on the Par table. It shows the minimum number of strokes per round needed to win and the closer you are to it, the more chances that you will win. At the end of the 18th game, you compare the scores and the person with the lowest shot count wins, simple!

All the stages are reminiscent of a real mini-golf, with fake holes, windmills blocking the path of the balls, ramps that only lead to certain doom and several other obstacles from one shot to the next. If you don’t disable it, time can also be a big barrier for those who like to analyze each move well. There are several options you can modify in the game, which makes it very adaptable to match your friends.

You can change the maximum number of strokes per round, add more time, change your position when it appears and even activate the collision between balls. I confess that this last option I did not see before and in the first match against my girlfriend I found it very strange that they crossed each oterh. Disable it and it will generate even more laughs as the possibility of your opponent missing the shot, hitting you right past the goal and still guaranteeing your victory.

My biggest complaint about Golf With Your Friends is the fact that the Forest is the only track with simple circuits. All the others already start with complicated routes and it would be interesting to have the difficulty curve following the same patterns. I confess that my first game was straight at the Volcano and I brutally failed to get a good score which pitted me right back to the learning track in the forest.

If you are not familiar with golf, that’s fine too. There are several different ways that you can be included. You can play hockey on the slopes, including a goalkeeper defending the goal, basketball with balls bouncing around and even checking out Explore and Party modes, which are excellent additions within Golf With Your Friends.

There are also several customization options that you can give to your ball. From putting tracks on it to using a little hat, there are several unlock options that you will find on your way. You will get them as you complete the routes and earn points according to the Par table, even making your winning round with less strokes.

My experience in online mode was mixed. Directly inviting my friends and playing games showed no serious flaws and kept the same fun I had offline. However, waiting for the quick start or looking for a game were can be of varied times depening on the time you play and offcourse which time zone you live in, but we didn’t have to much delays trying to get a match going.

Even with some visual and camera flaws I came across on the way, which can hinder your game, it didn’t really bother me. Even though yo sometimes start a route without even knowing where the goal is. In this condition, you can use the free camera time to take a walk without any compromise and find out what’s around you. This helps to prepare against adversity. There are alo some items to be found and used on the tracks like items from Worms that will help you along the way.

Extremely fun and with several good ideas, both Blacklight Interactive and Team17 made an excellent game that will yield good matches with friends, both offline and online. Golf With Your Friends is yet another game that is perfect when you have friends over or to play online with up to 12 people for some frantic and fun times.

Golf With Your Friends will give you a frantic and fun time both off- and online.


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