Goblin Sword

Releasing a game these days can be extremely complex. How will your game stand out from the rest? What will the story be about? How can you easily target the highest demographic? Sometimes you just have to try and not stress to much around all of these questions and that’s the exact thing Goblin Sword does best, keeping things simple.

To start off with the story. The magician Thordus has found the legendary Goblin sword and is up to no good. As a likeable hero with blue hair you have to step in! You move with the nameless sword bearer in two different environments: You first have to clear the big forest and later you move to the castle to finally face the evil wizard. In between, you always meet bosses for whom you have to work out a certain strategy. The game worlds are not very long, but branch out very strongly. If you just want to get to the exit, you can go for it pretty quickly. Yet it will take you some time to find all three diamonds and the two treasure chests. As they are hidden in places you certainly wouldn’t go to if you are just playing the level normally. All in all, you have a game that will take about 3 hours to get to the credits.

The difficulty of the game increases steadily and basically consists of the rigorous life system: you have 3 hearts of life energy – if they are used up, you start the level all over again. Over time you will find magical potions that give you more life energy that you urgently need in later worlds. To do this, however, you have to find the hidden treasure chests, which in turn motivates you to fully discover the levels. And that’s more fun then just rushing through the game!

In the shop you can buy many new swords, all of which have a magical special feature and therefore more range. In addition, you can create a ring, which grants a certain advantage – unfortunately, only one ring can be created, so you have to make the right choice for each level. There is also armor, but these serve the player’s vanity because they have no effect. At home you can still find small quests for which you can collect rewards. There are no in-app purchases. Visually, the game is geared towards Jump & Runs of the past decade and does a really good job … The opponents are diverse and beautifully staged and all require a different attack strategy. The backgrounds and game worlds are also designed with love.

What could be held up to the game: It offers little innovation, who has played an action platformer in their life knows what to expect. But Goblin Sword just wants to be just that, a good retro inspired game. The graphics are lovingly pixelated without hurting the eye, the levels quickly become challenging and if you want to collect all the boxes and diamonds, you will be busy for a while. There are also many swords, armor and magic rings that are nice at the beginning and will soon be quite necessary. If you like playing old school platformers, this is the place for you and you will have a lot of fun with this. And you don’t need to think twice about the price!

Goblin Sword is a good retro inspired action platformer that is perfect for short or one long play session.


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