Final Fantasy VIII Remastered coming September 3rd, physical edition confirmed

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered received its official release date today thanks to Square Enix. The popular JRPG has received it’s eShop page and the date is set for September 3rd. You can’t pre-load the game yet and its file size hasn’t been confirmed, but we do know that it will cost $20.

Now there were rumors that Final Fantasy VIII Remastered might be receiving a physical edition and allthough some retailers have listed it as so, Square Enix has yet to confirm it. Enter Play Asia, the giant Japanese retailer now has pre-orders open for the game retailing at $59.99. Pre-orders are available for US and European versions. We’ll have to see if the $59.99 price point sticks, but this is good news for collectors.

Source: eShop, Source

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