Fight Crab

Have you ever seen those strange fighting games with monsters, dinosaurs or Godzilla on the cover back in the day? Then you might not be so surprised if you know that there is now also a fighting game that puts you in the clutches of gigantic crab and lobster species. In Fight Crab you compete alone or together against other crab-like creatures in a fight to the death. And although it may seem bizarre, there is clearly a fun and chaotic game behind this.

In Fight Crab you have 22 different fighters to choose from and also unlock. You choose your crab or lobster and you dive into a 3D arena to beat each other to a pulp with your scissors or whatever object you can get a hold of. From axes to cars or palm trees, you can’t think of it or you can use it. A big plus is that the physics are also really well developed, so that the impact of a club is clearly visible and your opponent can be pushed to the side. This way you fight until the enemy lands on his back like in a wrestling match to reach victory.

You can imagine that Fight Crab is a button masher, but this is mainly due to its complicated controls. Your crab will often turn the control stick around its axis instead of turning, rotating around the enemy, as it were. Furthermore, the scissors can each be controlled separately to deliver blows, but also to grab objects. The shoulder buttons really do get the big work and you will often miss pushing and accidentally release and throw something away instead of effectively attacking the enemy. Some may find this too chaotic and difficult, but with some practice it can certainly be mastered.

Fight Crab certainly looks decent, the lobsters and crabs are detailed and only the environment could use some polishing here and there. You can also play the game locally and with one-on-two or two-on-two, as if seeing just two gigantic monsters on the screen was not enough. If you want to try out a fun and completely different fighting game, Fight Crab can provide some hilarious hours.

Fight Crab offers a unique and fun fighting experience with some great physics, but the controls have to be mastered to actual become good at it.


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