Farabel is a tactical RPG which offers you to live your adventures from the in a reverse manner. Thus, each mission takes you back in time to a battle to return to the origin of a terrible war (I’ll leave the discovery of the scenario up to you). This little gimmick is more a pretext script than a real game mechanism. Certainly the character loses one level per mission, but do not expect to “deconstruct” the story from top to bottom. There is quite a bit of control over which skills disappear and removing a few hit and attack points before moving on is not going to revolutionize the RPG-genre. Your character and his companions lose a lot of power as they progress, and it can be felt, but since you generally lead ten units, it also does not have a huge impact on your way to play. But it sure gives an original vibe to the game.

Farabel is rather casual , but you have to understand this in the good sense of the term: visually good-natured, easy to take in hand with simple mechanisms but not at all silly or boring. You generally have three actions per troop (movement, attack and power) and you decide in which order to perform them, knowing that you can move from one troop to another without ending the turn of your units. So always think in what order to attack and / or move your troops because the game has a minimum of strategic requirement.

The difficulty is fairly well balanced and the last missions are decently more challenging, especially since you can die very quickly with your low amount of stats. There are also – for the relentless – specific challenges to be completed for each mission (number of turns, victims, losses). Only real problem concerning the difficulty: having to redo the missions of the beginning after a defeat can be a bit painful.

Fortunately, the missions are short (around 10 to 20 minutes) and the cards are quite small. There are quite a few different objectives, enemies and various situations. In short it is diverse enough that we do not have time to get tired and we find ourselves wanting to do the next mission and finish the game almost in one go. And even if that is not possible, the Switch lends itself perfectly for on the go missions like these. It’s not going to be your gaming experience of the year, but if you have time to kill, Farabel is a pretty cool game.

Farabel is a fun RPG that turns the ways of play around. Great for short bursts or to blaze through in one sitting.


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