Exception Review

The Platformer genre has far and wide been one of the most popular and most used genres in the industry. Developers big and small have tried their hands on a particular play style or topic to make their game stand out from the crowd. Now it’s time for Traxmaster Software to show their unique playing style and why it should be considered playing.

Besides that the Exception story will not get some kind of prize for being exceptional (you have to fight a virus that infested the entire system), it occupies a secondary figure in Exception. In fact, the pace imposed by the game is so dense and so fast that we did not want to break our tempo by watching cinematics here and there. Especially since they are available from the title screen after the game.

Through digital worlds full of color (if there was a color above fluo it would be that one), the player embodies a little guy who must reach the final yellow gate. To do so, the lilliputien must find portals (often blue and green), allowing to rotate the level and by doing so being able to reach the yellow gate. Nevertheless, the path will be full with pitfalls: it will be necessary to cut robots, avoid lasers and even recover bytes on the road. Although the latter improves your special attacks, we do not understand their addition: your performances in the levels are noted by stars (3 being the best score). Having to go get these bytes will have some influence on your end-of-level score, as they are sometimes unreachable without doing some crazy jumps.

Just like the story, the fight also takes a second place in the game. Just press the appropriate button to slice your enemies like bacon so you do not waste time on your run. Nevertheless, it must be recognized that the enemies become more and more sturdy over the course of the game. Some bosses will even ask you to be a bit more creative than “I jump straight in and see what happens!”

Nevertheless, as one would expect from a platform game, the challenge does not lie in the battles but in the obstacle course. The timings to jump from one platform to the next and change the angle of the world is easy to learn and hard to master. In addition, the fall following a jump is much less controllable than in Super Meat Boy for example. Moreover, if the game does not punish at the first mistake, you will need to repeat the level several times if you want to have three stars.

Being quite an arcade style game, Exception will show you stats of all kinds such as the total number of times you have died, the number of jumps you have made and the destroyed enemies, etc. The very neonized and luminous graphics as well as the electronic musical vibe take part in the charm of the game. Moreover, although it is realized in 2D, the levels are conceived in 3D since they turn in favor of the portals that you cross.

In the end the game offers a fun experience bouncing off the portals and manoeuvring through the environment. Traxmaster Software has managed to customize each level (although the lightning explosions are the same in our eyes) and offers, through Exception, a balanced game between a drop of battle, a good dose of platforming and a small grain of madness.

Exception is a nice mashup of crazy platforming, neon lights and some fun hack’n slash battles.


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