Evil Defenders review

When you think of the Tower Defense genre you usually think of building structures or units to fend of the evil forces that want to destroy your land or civilization. You do not often see things in reverse and that is why Evil Defenders has a nice ring to it when you know that you are the Evil protectors of your realm that needs to fend off the heroes.

When you play Tower Defense games you often have to do the same repetitous things like building the same structures and grinding your way through all the incoming waves of enemies. Having a good visual style to look at helps alot with bringing the world to life and giving it a certain charm to stay focused for longer periods of time. Evil Defenders has the perfect style for this as the game supports a hand drawn cartoonish look that comes straight out of a fairytale.

Each map is vastly different in look and feel. Tower layouts always change between levels but here each map has an environmental quirk that help or hinder you. Some have a bog that you can pay to spew a poisonous gas at your opponents, others have trap doors you can keep shut to stop more enemies attacking. Everything gives a nice twist to your game and setting everything up right can be heavily to your advantage when you are in the midst of battle.

Of the towers themselves – there are only five – arrows, elemental magic, a bomber, troops and an enemy status effect caster. You can powerup your towers four times and to make things really interesting there is a treeline of branched upgrades that you can adjust your towers with to end up with around 60 different towers to use to your liking. They are all distint from one another visually to so it is always easy to spot which type of tower you are seeing or need to make to increase your defenses.

The game features 90 levels based on 15 maps and every map has multiple difficulties for you to play through and win stars in. You start of with the base difficulty and by winning stars you can advance to the next level in difficulty. Completing an entire map also grants you the Challenge mode where you have 25 waves of non-stop enemies and a limited supply of money to start with.

The game is by no means difficult and you will easily get to the higher difficulties in no time at all. Doing so does take quite a while and you’ll easily spend over 10 hours to complete most of the game and even up to 20 hours including the challenges and achievements that the game provides.

Evil Defenders was first and foremost a free to play mobile game with ingame purchases. As the Switch costs $/€9.99 everything is unlocked from the moment you boot up the game, eliminating the microtransactions it once had. Everything can be earned naturally just by progressing in the game, and there is no prompt to spend some real-world money to upgrade structures or to gain extra energy or other stuff.

While the game received mixed reviews on pc. The way you can play it handheld mode on the Switch greatly benefits this game as it makes you pick up and play it for just a few quick matches and not feel to constrained to a big pc for a mobile-esque game like from the Tower Defense genre. If not for the tower variety, then it is for the visual art style that Evil Defenders is worth checking out.

Evil Defenders is a fun cartoonish Tower Defense game that is great to pick up and play a few quick rounds of while on the go or at home on a lazy sunday.


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