Usually when we talk about RPG’s with huge open worlds, a good skill system and a deep branching story we think of the popular well known games like The Witcher or Divinity Original Sin. But often enough games release that have all of these aspects to offer and are very well made. Ember is one of such games.

At the very beginning, there was no sun and the world was dark. The heavens opened and the stars fell like beacons in the dark world, and they were known as “Embers”. Powerful and wise druids of a primordial race, “the Lightbringers”, roamed the earth in search of this luminous matter. They performed an awakening ritual to call the “Embers” out of their deep sleep. Suddenly the world became luminous and the veil the embers were the embodiment of the flame, the light and the magic life, but as the word spread on the pure power of the embers, they came to be chased and captured… and therefore the war for embers has started…

Enter the world of Ember as a resurrected “Lightbringer” invoking to protect the dying Embers while the world is on the brink of collapse. Starting in the Deep Barrows, cross vast environments divided between the underground and outer realms – ranging from lush forests to dry deserts and dark abysses – to reach the City of Light. Discover how the story unfolds through meetings with strangers by making essential decisions about your own destiny.

This classic RPG will offer you over 30 hours of epic adventure accompanied by excellent narration, fascinating characters, traditions, adventures and humor. It offers a real time combat system based with group battles, forcing you to manage your troops with more than 65 combat skills to use, which offers a good dose of personalized combat strategy Idem for the hundreds of NPCs who offer more stories and mini quests in addition to this long adventure.

The music is great and is very atmospheric which goes very well with the visuals of the game, although it can feel dated at times as the art style may look a bit old to some players. Ember is a good game and is accompanied by a complex and interesting plot.

Ember offers a great narrative with a fun tactical fighting system and interesting characters to join you on your adventure.


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