Electronic Super Joy

Electronic Super Joy is a platform game with stunning, hilarious and infinitely challenging visuals with quality electronic music. The game is set in a world of thrilling electronic music. Run, jump, crush and fly through strange and marvelous levels, with low gravity, world rotation, giant monsters and teeming missiles.

Warning! this title will do everything in its power to destabilize you and push you to look at your dead count, hard but never punishing the game lets you see that it is you that is the problem during your deaths, everything rests on your shoulders and after trying again and again you will find a sense of accomplishment when you get to the next checkpoint or finish. With a simple gameplay similar to games like Super Meat Boy with pressing A to jump and aiming for the right place to land. The controls are tight and the checkpoints are many, so you’re never too far away to be able to press X and go back to the last flag you’ve crossed.

The graphics and backgrounds – although very basic – are remarkably and strangely enough working very well. At times, it may be too bright, but it is in order to distract you. Basically, it’s a game that tries every way to make you miss your step while delivering fun platforming and a great music beat.

The game has the expansion of the Micro-Hell DLC and the contents of the Hot Sticky Mess bonus. With more than 80 levels in total, you’ll have hours of frustration with this game.

Electronic Super Joy is clearly designed for fans of complex platform games. With a powerful and rhythmic soundtrack, dizzying visuals and elaborate gameplay, this title is a must have.

Electronic Super Joy delivers a great beat of music whilst you fall to your death again and again.


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