The endless-runner genre is one not often used on handhelds or consoles, with their popularity mainly resting on mobile platforms, we only seldom see a game releasing on one of the big three consoles. EarthNight is one of those games that is trying their hands on that possible game crowd and it’s quite a nice attempt.

In the world of EarthNight there are many strange and unusual things inhabiting it, and among these are dragons. They took control of Earth and put all of humanity in check. Be that as it may, a bearded man – Stanley – and a girl with supernatural powers – Sidney – will decide to collaborate and set off on an unusual adventure, in which they will launch themselves from infinite space with the aim of stopping this battle!

EarthNight is a platform-arcade video game with the foundations of an infinite runner in which the player, starting from space, will have to reach Earth by killing all the Dragons . Achieving this will be extremely difficult, as these millennial beasts will not be easily eliminated. Once you have chosen the character to use ( Stanley or Sidney ) the game will begin on the back of a dragon, and it will be necessary to follow a more or less linear path to reach the head. This is because the whole back is littered with enemies, traps and platforms, and they may even come in handy for bonuses or the like. these items include bonuses, score modifiers and Eggs, which will help the player kill the Dragon.

Once you reach the head of the draconic monster, the player’s attack phase will start. Through button B, the player must impale the dragon’s skull in order to kill it and get items and bonuses. The pace at which to attack changes according to the enemy, but once done it will be possible to launch yourself in the air in order to select which will be the next target. Once you have “ridden” a certain number of dragons the playing area will change dramatically. The closer the player gets to Earth, the more challenges they face.

Like all games of this genre, at some point the player will be defeated and will have to return to the spaceship. Here you can change the character to use, and you can consult the found items. Each of them has a value that changes from game to game, and certain materials will allow you to unlock / upgrade certain bonuses. The game can be summarized as follows: the user plays a game, dies, checks if something can be enhanced and finally returns to try and get further.

The difficulty of EarthNight gradually increases over time and offers complexer levels through time (which are generated randomly) and creatures with an increasingly varied pattern of moves. Traps, “boss fight” or events may be on the agenda , but the player will always have to aim for his goal: reach the dragon’s head with the best possible upgrades. In the advanced stages, any mistake can be fatal, and this forces the player to concentrate to the end. This is probably EarthNight’s biggest favor: the growing challenge rate, which anyone can face and with convincing longevity.

But what are the shortcomings of EarthNight? We can say that they are luckily not to heavy weight that they drag down the final score, but it would have been nice if there were a tutorial to explain all the mechanics and the soundtrack isn’t really one to be proud of. It’s one of those games that you most likely shut of the music after having heard it for a few times.

I must admit that EarthNight has an unusual artistic style, but one that is quite pleasing to the eye. It also has extremely simple gameplay with an arcade flavor. The Cleaversoft video game offers an ever-changing adventure thanks to the unlockable power-ups, and the longevity of the game is often proportionate to how much the player wants to fully pluck this title. The basic gameplay is very simple and the game, over time, is full of surprises that allow it to be more interesting than it might first seem.

EarthNight is a fun endless runner with a quite pleasant artistic graphical style to keep you interested all the way through.


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