Dusk Diver

Dusk Diver is an action-packed beat-em-up game in dipped in an anime art-style. In the game you play as Yang Yumo, a high school student. She lives in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Does this anime beat-em-up impress us? You’ll read our findings here.

Dusk Diver is set in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. You take on the role of Yang Yumo and soon you notice that everything is going wrong. After all, there is no longer a direct line between the human dimension and the spiritual dimension. Yumo and her girlfriend find out because they end up in the other dimension. Here they meet Leo, Guardian of the Taipei area. From this moment on, Yang can use him in combat as a strong on-call force.

The game plays like a kind of Warriors-like game; you have a weak attack and a strong attack. The weak attack is a lot faster than the strong attack. By using the combos you can use increasingly strong attacks; for example Y-Y-Y-Y-X, where you use the weak four times and then a strong valve. As you progress in the game, you unlock all kinds of new combinations of attacks. In addition to the normal attacks you can also use very powerful attacks. A charging system applies to these attacks. You can charge three blocks for these special attacks. Using a Guardian will cost you a block, but if you choose a very strong attack, it will cost you all three. By pressing the L and R buttons, Yang can use this type of attack. The fighting system is fine, but not everything is just as good.

Sadly enough for us Western gamers, the game has English screen texts that make you cry a bit. What then, you might think. Is it like a cliché anime, or is it because of the font? No, it is due to an enormous amount of spelling and grammar errors, which is extremely disruptive. Every few minutes you come across a mistake. Sometimes letters are forgotten, for example “will” is written as “wll”. Sometimes you encounter grammatical errors such as “an European” instead of “a European”. It may also be that there are commas where a period should have been, or that there are no periods and commas at all. Unfortunately, the English translation is far from polished and that is going to disturb enormously given the extent of the mistakes.

The city of Taipei is of course very large. But Dusk Diver is limited to a district of the capital. In the game you explore the streets of Ximending. This is a colorful, busy area full of shops. Ximending is the safe and cheerful part of the game. Yang can buy and sell things here, take on sidequests and enjoy conversations. Unfortunately, the game has some performance issues. The resolution of the game is not very high, which makes the stores somewhat blurred. Especially when the camera is aimed at Yang, her model becomes enormously out of focus, both in handheld and TV mode. Luckily the games can have patches these days, so resolution and grammar errors can be fixed.

In Ximending itself, as I said, it is very busy and you see people everywhere. These people are a single color from far away. If you are close enough, the color becomes more human and then the color disappears and becomes an NPC. It creates the cheerful atmosphere, but if you run then the game slows down and you are actually already past someone, while he still has a color. The music is nice to listen to, as well as the voice acting. The voices can only be heard in Chinese and Japanese, so keep in mind that there are no English voices.

Dusk Diver is a beat-em-up action game set in Taiwan. The game has strong points, especially in the attack system. By using different combinations, but also by calling in the help of your Guardian, it is a pleasure to go wild on the enemies. However, the game has a lesser performance on the Nintendo Switch and that is very unfortunate. The game is often blurry, both in handheld and on television. There are also many spelling errors and inconsistencies in the dialogues, luckily there will be a patch that will solve the problems. The core of Dusk Diver is fine, but unfortunately the performance and the unpolished English translation prevent this game from becoming a worthwhile purchase.

Dusk Diver showed much promise, but falls on its face with both poor performance and text errors. Making it one to keep in mind in a few months when it received all its bug fixes and patches.


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