Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot + A New Power Awakens

In recent years, fans of the well-known Dragon Ball franchise   are in luck, since we have received titles of various kinds on Nintendo consoles. Some a bit lazy like  Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden for Nintendo 3DS, some more original that moved away from traditional fighting proposals like the remarkable RPG Dragon Ball Fusions , also for 3DS, and of course Nintendo Switch also has titles like Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 , Dragon Ball FighterZ and Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission , three very different titles between them, but equally enjoyable for any self-respecting fan.

As you know, most Dragon Ball games focus on fighting, but they cover many more genres, such as card games or RPGs. Precisely today we will talk about one belonging to this last genre: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot . It is a role-playing, action and adventure game developed by CyberConnect2 and distributed by Bandai Namco that was released on January 17, 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It seemed that its distributor had no intention of releasing the game on the console. hybrid, but luckily last June it was announced during a Nintendo Direct at the end of last September. And not only that, but also the title of the game on Nintendo Switch would be Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot + A New Power Awakens Set . This tag refers to the downloadable content included in this version.

Notably, Awakening of a New Power – Part 1 can be played without completing the main story . On the other hand, The Awakening of a New Power – Part 2 can only be played after completing the main story and Part 1. On the other hand, the game also has a difficulty selector (easy, normal and hard), which it was not present in the versions for other consoles. In addition, it can be changed at any time. Finally, it should be noted that there are also new missions with Vegetto and Gotenks outside of their stories (they will reach other platforms later).

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot proposes us to relive the best moments of the Akira Toriyama series with a great action role-playing adventure that includes exciting battles against iconic characters from the franchise. In this way we will re-experience its well-known history of Dragon Ball Z, from the saga of the Saiyans, through that of Namek, those of the Androids and finally that of the Monster Buu.

In this sense, it is worth noting the good narration of the story, which despite being widely known, will delight any fan, since in general it is very detailed, emphasizing the most important moments of Toriyama’s work. That does not mean that there are certain minor scenes or parts that have been omitted, but luckily they are the exception rather than the norm.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a real-time action role-playing game in which we will live great adventures through its world, which despite not being open, does have extensive areas to explore freely (either on foot or by flying) and where we can not only fight against enemies, but also perform many other activities such as hunting, finding collectibles (orbs and medals), participating in minigames (fishing), performing side missions, collecting materials and ingredients (fruit, meat, fish, etc.) , cooking (to prepare dishes and gain support effects with limited duration), training in the training zones (to acquire new abilities or super attacks) or even search for the dragon balls (to make a wish of Shenron).

Obviously the activities that we can carry out at all times will be marked by the moment of the main story in which we find ourselves, which makes the argument set the tone at all times. However, beyond the main missions (which are the ones that advance the story and are marked with a red beam of light), we also have secondary missions called Secondary stories (marked with a blue beam of light) that despite being very simple and not mandatory, they certainly help to bring variety to the plot. In addition to being entertaining, if we complete them we will receive interesting rewards such as experience points, valuable objects or soul emblems (objects that represent relationships with certain characters) for the communities.

As for combat , it will continue to be an important part, since we will have to fight against a large number of enemiesthroughout our entire journey. The battles are characterized by being fast, fun and at times quite spectacular, although in the long run they can become somewhat repetitive. However, their developers have designed them so that any type of player can enjoy them regardless of their skill level at the controls. This means that we have simple actions (melee attacks, Ki launch, defense, energy charge, dodges, objects, special attacks and support techniques) and we are not facing deep combats, since basically we will have to attack, dodge or block and then counterattack and so on until we defeat our rivals. In addition to the normal ones, we also have the villains, which are much stronger special enemies. Of course, here the negative aspect is that there is little variety of them.

Of course we can also transform ourselves (if the character has the ability equipped and can) by filling in the bar of a meter, as well as unleashing a powerful combo between all the characters that make up our team. However, despite not having a deep fighting system, you do not have to worry, since all the combats are quite faithful to the original work, fun and above all frantic, so you will have a great time either in the sky, on the ground, or even underwater! There will also be the possibility of destroying elements of the environment such as mountains.

As for the progression system, you will be happy to hear that it is extremely satisfying. As in most role-playing games, our objective will be to fight to obtain experience points and thus be able to level up. This in turn, will allow us to get new techniques in our skill tree (we will have to invest a series of orbs), improvements and obtain more holes for passive skills. And we will also have to carry out certain trainings if we want to learn some specific techniques.

To all this, we must add that we can obtain emblems of different characters (with main and secondary missions), which we can put on boards in order to obtain a series of improvements . In this way we will be able to obtain points among all of them and thus level up and obtain better power-ups. In addition, if two characters with affinity are placed in continuous squares, their effects will be greater if possible.

One of the biggest drawbacks that we will find will be the little variety of enemies that we will find on the map (basically two types of robots). Therefore, with little skill that we have at the controls, it will not be strange that we do not die in our entire game, so if you are looking for a challenge (despite the difficulty selector) you will not find it here. Finally, it should be noted that this title, like most Switch games, can be played in portable mode, table mode and television mode . In addition, it is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and the cloud data saving service.

At a graphic level, the game stands out for its good modeling and a cel shading aspect that suits it really well. The appearance of the characters is very successful as well as their animations and effects in combat, but unfortunately we cannot say the same about other aspects. Forget about seeing torn clothes, damage in real time, blood or faithful destruction of the scenarios (where we find some simpler and little worked textures). We also have a multitude of cinematic scenes created with the game’s own very showy engine and that all fans will surely love.

On the other hand, it is noted that certain cuts have had to be made in the Switch version , lowering the detail of textures, shadows, vegetation, as well as the resolution. The truth is that being in motion are things that we will hardly notice, so you should not worry too much. Regarding performance, the game runs at 30fps , although there are small drops in the framerate at specific moments. On the other hand, there are also loading screens every time we change location on the map , which breaks the pace of the game a bit.

As for the sound, on the one hand we will have anime themes (although with tweaks), and on the other (as is usual in the West) new melodies that accompany the action well, but are far from the quality of the original songs. As for the effects, they are very successful and both screaming, blows and techniques look more than recognizable. Finally, it should be noted that the game has texts in Spanish and that we can choose between voices in English and Japanese , the latter option being preferred by most, including a server. These are the original voices of the series and they continue to be a real gift for fans of the franchise.

As always, talking about duration in a title is always very relative, and in the case of RPGs much more so. The main story is quite extensive and can last about 30 hours . But this is only the tip of the iceberg, as the number of hours can grow exponentially depending on whether we stop to explore the world to collect collectibles, clear the side missions, etc. If you are also complete players, its duration can be perfectly doubled, since after completing the game, new and interesting possibilities open up that you must discover. To this must be added Dragon Ball Card Warrior , which will arrive on Switch in the fall of this year. It is a free update available in previous versions and is expected to arrive in the same way to the hybrid console. And, of course, we can’t forget about the Awakening of a New Power part 1 and part 2 downloadable content , which will give us 4-6 more hours of entertainment and fun.

It is a pity that they did not take the opportunity to introduce in the Switch version the second DLC called Trunks, The Warrior of Hope. This new downloadable content allows us to learn about Trunks’ intense struggle to survive in a world ravaged by androids (includes a new story, new super attacks, new soul emblems and more). After the death of Son Goku by a heart virus, the world is destroyed by the androids. The surviving warriors, Trunks and Son Gohan, will fight to protect the planet (can be played without completing the main story). Therefore, whoever is interested in purchasing it, must pay € 19.99 in the eShop.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot + A New Power Awakens Set is a great title that combines RPG, action and adventure with a multitude of content that will give us dozens of hours of fun. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball you cannot miss it! Obviously it is not perfect and it suffers from certain aspects (low difficulty, little variety of enemies, shallow combats and numerous loading times), but beyond that it is quite faithful to the spirit of the series, being the most colorful and for therefore recommended if you have not played it previously on another platform.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot + A New Power Awakens Set is a great title that combines RPG, action and adventure with a multitude of content that will give us dozens of hours of fun. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball you cannot miss it!


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