Destiny Connect: Tick Tock Travelers

Join Sherry and her friends in this heart-stopping adventure game where you’ll have to wade through time and discover the mystery of why time has stopped in your beloved town, Clocknee.

With the help of his travel friend, Isaac, and a mischievous robot, Dr. Cheatstein, Sherry and Pegreo travel to his father’s childhood and discover what led to the Clocknee disaster. Throughout history, they travel between 1970 and 1999 in the hope of changing fate.

Isaac is a charming character with his 6 different forms of fighting: guardian, rescuer, outlaw, champion, samurai, and a secret form. The shapes are unlocked as you go through the story and each one contains a set of unique skills and traits that are available.

The very JRPG gameplay of Destiny Connect is very simple and, in my opinion, it’s a great start for the younger ones who are discovering the genre of RPG’s. But despite its simplicity and relatively low difficulty, the game is still still fun thanks to the story and the beautiful visuals that you come across. The beautiful orchestral tracks are a very nice tone that gives even more depth to the game.

The game is not very long and the worldmap is not super big, despite that you can teleport over the world – in most cases – and follow a yellow arrow to your next destination. This is again mainly tuned to a younger audience, but perhaps to simplistic for more experienced players.

Destiny Connect is a JRPG full of creativity and visually brilliant, it is short-lived, but still interesting. With a few very animated and fun characters that flesh out a unique plot. JRPG fans of the PS2 era and new gamers will be in for a treat.

Destiny Connect: Tick Tock Travelers is a simple but visually entertaining game with a good story to top it all off. Sadly some players might just find it a tad to simplistic.


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