Demolish and Build 2018

With all kind of sim-like games popping up on pc it’s nice to see some of them coming over to the Nintendo Switch. We already had the city building games coming over, so it’s only natural that we now can also demolish everything we want with Demolish and Build 2018.

This title is a first-person construction game, your first orders as a worker will be to destroy the interior of buildings. A pseudo sense of worker helps by indicating points of interest in the building. But the game has a lot to do, it comes with a relatively slow progression curve, so the big construction equipment, the ones that destroy skyscrapers will be only be used later. One of the most interesting aspects is the bulldozer. To progress during your career, you have to fulfill contracts and earn money of course, but as the progression is slow the fact that the repetition of doing similar work over and over again to earn enough money, etc. and finally go to different contracts maybe very long and tedious.

Driving in the environments is very fun and simple, but although there is a little bit of life to be found in the surroundings, it is quite basic visually and at times it is even quite lonely. Besides these moments, the game runs well and the physics of destruction remains fun. The more you progress, the more cities will be unlocked, with different contracts and work to be done.

For fans of the genre, you have an enormous title on you hands where you build your business with so many diverse machines and will have to manage hires and manage workers, invest in your own properties, etc. Managing your business and making sure its rating stays up is a interesting aspect to follow and makes the game less braindead then you might think it is.

Although it is not the most beautiful game out there and it can be very repetitive, this title is for fans of the genre and for what it does it does it well and gives a lot of pleasure in its good variety of contract and equipment.

If you want to manage your own demolish company and detroy all kinds of buildings then Demolish & Build 2018 will be a game to sink your teeth in. But beware that it will take a long time to get to the top!


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