Dead End Job

Dead End Job sends you to a crazy world to capture ghosts. This is a twin stick shooter with a cooperative mode. You play as Hector Plasm, an employee of Ghoul-B-Gone, the number one expert in paranormal pest control. ” You are responsible for going to haunted offices, restaurants and other everyday buildings to free them from unwanted guests. Play alone or demolish the ghosts with a buddy thanks to the drop-in/out function, which is perfect for a game like this.

The story is simple, but pretty cool: you will progress through five unlockable areas, each with varying levels of difficulty. Your main objective in this game is to win a million dollars before the end of the 30th day otherwise the game will end on a Dead End Job and you will have to start over. The zones are all procedurally generated, which gives an additional check mark to the title being that you can replay it as often as you want.

During your progress in the adventure, you suck up a lot of ghosts, and in return, you will gain power thoughout the levels; like increasing your accuracy, reducing overheating etc. When you die, the money you earned stays with you, but you lose your upgraded items and bonuses.

Visually the game is superb, the ghosts are very bright and exude delirium. The very comic visuals are really impressive, combined with dynamic music it sets the tone for a good game. In addition, the cutscenes and the theme song are really fun and give a lot of personality to this game, which is a kind of mixed between Luigi Mansion and Twin Stick Shooters.

A perfect game for family evenings – or alone – with its colorful look and good-natured humor. Visually superb, the title offers a lot of replayability and is not easy, it gives an excellent challenge. A good title to have a great end of the year.

Dead End Job delivers on all fronts, a great title to end 2019 with a friend or alone in this comic style ghostbusting game.


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