Darksiders: Genesis

The Darksiders franchise has seen a lot of change in its series since the first game released back when the old THQ was still around. From being a Zelda-esque action adventure to going the more action route with its latest third entry, the franchise is about to zoom out a bit and look at things from a different perspective with Darksiders: Genesis.

With this simple change of perspective, Darksiders Genesis is a game-changer. Thanks to its splendid environments, its linear but explorable areas (which can, moreover, be re-explored for more equipment and money), its skillful gameplay and an epic soundtrack, the game proves that it is part of the Darksiders saga while standing out from it. Both familiar and innovative, Genesis shows that the franchise still has a bright future ahead of it.

You are probably thinking: “a top view hack’n’slash with a multitude of skill trees and so many features cannot work on consoles”, and although the fear is well founded, the game is doing brilliantly . Darksiders Genesis, in all its splendor of skill, types of weapons and ammunition works perfectly on consoles, so much so that PC players could even consider changing its support. The menus are full but simple to navigate thanks to the triggers and the right joystick of your controller.

The game also offers a duo of characters to embody whether you play alone or in pairs in Coop. Managing two characters with one controller may sound like torture, but don’t worry since Darksiders Genesis lets you choose which of the two characters you will play. However, we recommend that you regularly switch from one to the other because you will have to master both as much as possible to fully enjoy the game.

These two characters: War and the newcomer Strife play very differently. Strife is sneaky and agile, excellent at distance and War represents the standard warrior who zigzags both minions and bosses.

Each of the two characters also has a panel of unique special moves. Strife’s shadow clone can distract enemies while you shoot them from afar. War has skills like hitting with an AoE. The progression is simple to follow, you will unlock your skills as you progress in the game and you can improve your characters by visiting Vulgrim thanks to pillars scattered throughout the adventure or by going to see it directly. It will also be possible to find objects and in-game improvements.

The console versions unfortunately have some imperfections that are not present on PC. On the Switch there can be a few instabilities of the framerate on console, which shows itself from the first minutes you start the game. Without being catastrophic, this is noticed when we compare the console version and the PC version.

The second problem is related to visual effects. Some skill effects look a bit weird on consoles. The most striking being the Hellfire balls which are represented in-game by fuzzy spheres on consoles (while on PC, they are real fireballs). A detail you say? Believe us when projectiles appear larger than they are, dodging becomes very complicated. These two elements aside, the game remains an alternative of choice for those who do not have a PC.

If you’re looking for a top-view hack’n’slash that lets you customize your style while offering wide environments, epic battles and a host of upgrade options, stop there. The game offers a good ten hours of content, the gameplay will be enough to motivate you to start a game again after the end credits appear on the screen. Darksiders Genesis is a breath of fresh air and we can only congratulate Airship Syndicate.

Darksiders Genesis expands the Darksiders universe in a positive direction bringing some great co-op action to the Switch.


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