Cooking Simulator

A different kind of hot potato: in the Cooking Simulator there are (almost) no limits to your cooking madness. If you have always wanted to play as a master chef, the kitchen simulation offers you the right ingredients. You can find out whether the title is something for gourmets or if it is a rather cheap frozen food. Spoiler: This game is not for vegans!

As the name suggests, cooking and preparing dishes is your main task in the game. As in a real kitchen, accuracy and timing are important. There is a detailed tutorial so that you have the basic control mechanics right from the start. By the way, you will be guided by a restaurateur who looks astonishingly similar to the Scottish star chef Gordon Ramsay. In the tutorial itself you will learn skills, such as cutting vegetables, buying products in the store or how to have your stove repaired. By the way, we can warmly recommend that you complete the tutorial, otherwise you will have problems later.

The controls are sometimes a little stubborn. This is expressed in the fact that you can only transport ingredients individually. For example, if you want to put two potatoes on your cutting board, you either have to go to the potato shelf twice or you take your cutting board with you and put both potatoes on it. Very inconvenient. It can also happen that when you try to handle the spatula, pots and their contents fly through the kitchen. The mess is preprogrammed. Just like in real life, you have to reach for the mop and clean the kitchen. After all, it works very well – we wish a little that this would work just as easily in real life. The main task, of course, remains to cook food.

In career mode you start in a large kitchen with the most important kitchen appliances. A gas stove, grill and deep fryer are already available, as is a cutting board and knife. You can buy additional utensils in the shop, but this was not necessary, at least in our test. You should only get more pans and pots in the course of the game, otherwise you will not be able to keep up with the orders. At the beginning, you will be familiarized with the task of bringing the restaurant in which you are cooking back to its former glory. To do this, you have to continuously deliver good dishes in order to satisfy the guests. If you have collected enough fame points, a restaurant critic will announce yourself for the next day and test your food. If you waste his order, you will be deducted fame points. On the other hand, if you serve a star menu, you get one more star for your restaurant. The levels are divided into individual days. The more fame you collect, the more orders you have to process each day. At the end of the day, you normally go up one or two levels.

The level increases bring you different perks and abilities. For example, if you are particularly clumsy in the kitchen and break one plate after the other, you can select a perk that will no longer break any of your plates. With these aids, it is not as difficult to quickly level your restaurant up. In the game we had already received three stars after 21 days in-game.

It looks rather poor in career mode when it comes to motivation and replayability. You can visually adapt your kitchen, but the prices for such renovation measures are negligible. Your actual rewards consist only of the recipes that you unlock gradually. But that’s about it. There is only variety in the sandbox-Mode. Here you can cook as you like or destroy the kitchen. The focus is clearly on the thought of destruction. Caution: If you fly too much in the air at the same time, the game has to deal with unsightly stutters. Nevertheless this game remains quite fun on the Switch just like it was back when it first released on pc. If you haven’t yet tasted this dish then it sure is the perfect time to have a taste on the Nintendo Switch.

Cooking Simulator serves a well made dish on to our Switch that only seldom leaves a sour taste in our mouths. It still remains a great simulator game to have fun and chaos with.


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