Children of Morta

The last few years saw the rise of the rogue-lite games like Rogue Legacy and Dead Cells. This latest action RPG Children of Morta immediately reminded us of these games combined with a 2D Diablo vibe. All in all, a very interesting experience.

Children of Morta is a story driven game that is full of action. It is about the Bergons family, a family that consists of heroes. Corruption is lurking and they are the ones who will stop it. However, it is not an easy challenge for the Bergons family.

The story is very simple in concept, but the execution of it is very extensive and just super good. It is really something unique. This story really gives you the feeling that family members love each other. As you play, this is very clear in what you can call a kind of cut scenes.

The gameplay of these types of games is often copied and that is by no means always a success … Developer Dead Mage manages to create something with Children of Morta that feels familiar, yet new. The gameplay of Children of Morta can even be called the most substantial of the entire game.

The core has a real roguelike structure, which basically means that you go into a dungeon, die and go back stronger to get a little further. In between you always get to see a bit about the family and their band. I can already hear you thinking: “Isn’t that boring, to always do the same?” Well no, because every time you go inside, the layout of the dungeon is different.

You can also use multiple playing styles, because each member of the Bergson family has a different strength or skill. This gives you the chance to find out the playing style that suits you best and which you enjoy the most. Each character also has its own skill tree, with which you can further develop your build.

In addition, you also earn gold and it is possible to improve your stats. These stats are universal across all charactersand with these stats you think about your health, armor or attack damage. So with a new character you are never too weak when you go back into a dungeon.

In the beginning I already mentioned the 8-bit pixel art. The pixel art in Children of Morta is really amazing. It has a lot of charm and the environments that you encounter are just eye catching. They range from forests to caves and everything in between. The colors used really bring it to life. Even though 8-bit style graphics isn’t for everyone, you should atleast check it out in motion before you decide on just the color palette.

Children of Morta isn’t great in everything. The game has a tendency to not always feel fair. The boss fights are really merciless and nauseatingly difficult. The attacks of your enemies also feel a bit cheap and you will secretly see them coming from afar. You can easily get through the attacks of ordinary enemies.

In the end if you are a roquelike Diablo enthusiast, then Children of Morta is a game that should not be missed in your collection! There is plenty of challenge, depth and beautiful pixel art in the game that will last you for hours on end.

Children of Morta is a beautiful roguelike action game with a good story and charming 8-bit graphics.


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