Catherine: Full Body

For the first time, Catherine arrives on a Nintendo console and in handheld form in European territories. Having had a re-release on the PS4 last year, it’s now time for an entire new audience to experience the weird, yet erotic story of Vincent and his girlfriends.

In fact, a third girl is added to the original cast, the tender and hyperactive Rin, who contends to the already known Catherine and Katherine for the graces of the protagonist. The good Vincent for his part has already had a lot to do in the original title, but this time he will have to struggle between three proxious pretenders and the damned nightmares who threaten to make him pass to a better life well before having decided what will be the woman of his life.

Catherine: Full Body has two very distinct souls and both promise to destroy the life of the unsuspecting Vince from his foundations, who during the day is an apparently normal thirty-year-old, and has been engaged for six years with the same (beautiful) woman who has long been talking about marriage.

He has a group of friends with whom he spends endless evenings drinking liters of spirits and beer and talking about the highest meanings of living. Almost always these evenings end in nothing. Then there is her, Catherine, a blonde all pepper met on a particularly alcoholic evening. He does not look for marriage, she goes around in provocative clothes that leave little to the imagination and seems to appreciate our friend very much, to the point of ending up in bed. The amorous square is completed with the aforementioned Rin. Vince meets her at the Stray Sheep, a bar that is practically a second home for him and also finds him a job. So much generosity obviously deserves a reward.

Already this would be enough to define Vince’s life “decidedly messed up”, but the story begins to become completely crazy and take on grotesque contours when the poor boy also begins to have strange dreams in which he is forced by a disturbing evil entity to climb very high towers formed by blocks that turn, slip and above all fall.

This is the most strictly playful part of Catherine: Full Body. Every night you will have to overcome a certain number of puzzles to save Vincent’s life, allow him to wake up and consequently try to overcome this crazy situation. Initially the challenges will be quite simple, more than anything else of the tutorials that will teach you the many moves you can use when things start to get really hard.

The basic mechanics are quite simple to assimilate, but putting them into practice while climbing is far from a walk. Hell lies beneath you and obviously you won’t have infinite time to decide what to do. From time to time you can recover bonuses that will allow you to go back in case of error, and create useful cubes or slow down the fall of those below. In the extreme case in which you just can’t make it past a level, you can have it completed automatically by pressing a back button on the controller, but the shame will remain on you forever so think about it.

The control system has been translated perfectly on the JoyCon and since Catherine is not a particularly fast-paced game, the classic “too small back syndrome” is not felt. Technically the porting is of excellent workmanship, stable from the point of view of the frame rate and pleasant in aesthetic terms. The resolution of the textures suffers a little from the comparison with the PS4 version when playing in docked mode, while in the portable version you occasionally notice a little aliasing, but nothing particularly annoying.

The ability to play on-the-go is clearly the most enthralling feature, but Atlus and Studio Zero could have taken a little extra effort to take advantage of the Nintendo console’s touch screen and HD Rumble at least a little. We did not expect additions in terms of game modes, which remain the same as the PlayStation 4 version.

Once the story has been completed (but keep in mind that there are at least a dozen different endings) you can try your hand at competitive challenges or coop, both local and online, and in Babel mode, with customizable levels and rules.

The occasion of the release on Switch is still greedy to recover an original and fun but unjustly snubbed title both at the time of the original release and on the occasion of the arrival of this enhanced version.

Catherine Full Body is a great story based game that is a perfect fit to play in handheld mode on the Switch.


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