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Castle Crashers Remastered review

Back when indie games were still in there infancies, Xbox was actually pushing the smaller games alot with the Xbox Live Arcade. One of the many gems that came to fruition was Castle Crashers, and with it came an amazing co-op beat’em up that wa played for hours on end off- and online. Now the award winning series is back with the Remastered version for all current gen consoles.

With the Switch version in ur hands, we can say that the title of The Behemoth has been treated to perfection for its Switch version which runs very stable, at a constant 60 frames per second. Castle Crashers Remastered provides highly charming high-resolution visual effects. that have aged perfectly and will are now ready to last another ten years easily. Hack, cut and crush everything on your way to victory.

You will have a very large variety of swords, maces, umbrellas, axes, katana, etc. All in which are combined in three attacks: light attack, heavy attack and magic attack. In addition, a very large amount of combos are to unlock. Experience helps you to set up certain traits such as magic, vitality, strength, etc. The core of the game is kept amazingly simple. But the fun is mainly found when you come accross weird new enemies.

One of the things that struck me most is probably the really unique and imaginative boss battles. In general the action of the game is omnipresent, it is literally impossible not to have fun and not to come back constantly – whether solo or with several friends or strangers. The game has a good amount of options and game modes such as: Arena mode where you face other players in group matches or free match, Insane mode where you will test your skills in the challenging ultimate campaign – Good luck! You can also try your luck with Back Off Barbarian, a “mini” game in which you have to avoid enemies by pressing the appropriate color button to jump between the floor tiles, which in time becomes more and more difficult as more barbarians appear.

With more than 25 characters to unlock and certainly more than 40 weapons to find you’ll be in it for the long hole. Castle Crashers was and still is one of the games to reference the genre it stands for with. I have not had so much fun with a game like this since Scott Pilgrim. The intuitive combinations of the keys and the magic system are all beautifully implanted. A real gem that may find a very wide audience on the Switch. I now understand everything better why this game has a cult following . This is yet another masterpiece that found its way on to the eShop.

Castle Crashers Remastered was and still is one of the best beat’em ups in the genre. A game to be played with friends, for fans and newcomers alike.


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