Captain Toad Special Episode DLC is bang for your buck

During the Nintendo Direct of February some of us hoped for DLC announcements of Nintendo game like Super Mario Party. Allthough that might have been fun to see, it was Toad who ran off with the honors to get a game expansion with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Special Episode. This contains five new levels and 18 challenges to play on your own or with a buddy. Yes indeed, Captain Toad now contains a full fledged co-op mode where player two plays with either Toadette or a purple Toad.

The five new levels are the bread and butter of this DLC and they are both artisticly great and all destinct from one another. There’s the Goomba Galleon, a sprawling pirate ship level including underwater exploration and fun with cannons. Flip Panel Panic has players walking across the sky as flip panels fold and unfold beneath their feet. Shifty Shrine, a massive temple that splits in two and Cocoa Meltdown, which is personally my favorite because it is entirely made of sugar sweets. And then there is a new on rails minecar level which are always a delight to play.

Next to those new levels the other levels used are updated versions of older ones. The game still has it’s ‘get to the ending’ levels but now there are two new types of levels as well. The first one is called ‘Crown Capture’ in which you have to get five smaller crowns to unlock the final one. Once you grab one crown, a timer starts and you only have 10 seconds to get to the next one and so it repeats untill you have them all. If you miss one the entire cycle is reset and so it continues untill you have them all. Things sure can get tense but we never had a moment where we wanted to throw the Switch out of the window, so that’s a good thing.

The second gametype is called ‘Boo Spotting’ and is clearly made for two players. In this mode older levels are remade in a haunted setting to express some sort of ghostly fear in Toad and Toadette. Luckily Toad has a huge flashlight on his head and with it he can scare or exorcise the Boo’s who attack you. With one headlamp it takes a while to scare away a Boo, but with the help of a buddy it happens almost instantly. It’s allot of fun to go on some ghost-busting together with a friend and it goes to show that Nintendo has listened to their fans that we wanted a decent co-op mode in Captain Toad.

However, if you don’t have friends to play with (allthough we sure hope you do) you can easily play these levels alone and grab some Double Cherry items that are laying around in the singleplayer mode. That way you copy your Toad and you can just as easily go ghost-busting alone. The only downside is that your thumbstick controls both of the characters at the same time, and if you aren’t at the exact same location it can be tricky to get back together AND avoid being attacked by the small and bigger Boo. Yet if you do get together and shine your way to the ending the game offers allot of exiting little moments where you defeat tons of boo’s all at once with your second character by your side.

If you look at the entire package it might all seem slim when you first look at it. But for only €($)5.99 it’s hard not to find a few extra hours of fun out of Captain Toad and with the added free co-op update it definitely is a step in the right direction to make this series even more enjoyable then it already was.

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