Bucket Knight

The eShop is an incredible platform for indies to showcase their games on. Some are even better, last longer and are more fun then the AAA games that bigger publishers tend to release. However an indie game with a lower budget can also be on the short side. And Bucket Knight is one of those games that you might clear in an hour or less.

Players can perform two actions: jump and shoot. The objective of the game is to find the Holy Grail, ending the journey of the protagonist Knight. Despite the apparent simplicity, the studio made things a bit more difficult in the gameplay design. The character cannot activate the double jump when sliding from platforms, adding a little difficulty to the work.

Other quite irritating elements are platforms that are almost blended in with the background or stairs that are clearly there, yet can not be climbed. It makes me think of platform games from the 80’s and 90’s where you always fell to your doom due to hidden pits or false elements in the background that aren’t useable for the player.

Along the ways you’ll find coins scattered on the stage that unlock new weapons, however, their specific effects do not last long, requiring a little strategy on the part of the player.

Bucket Knight is a platform game made for more casual players, who are looking for a more relaxing adventure without major challenges. The amount charged for the title lives up to what you can expect from the title, yet we wished it was just a tad longer and had a few more levels to explore.

Bucket Knight is a short and fairly easy platformer that will keep you busy during your short breaks or for a small afternoon.


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